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The increasingly complex economic, political and social environment in which most organizations now operate is placing a huge demand on their planning and leadership capability. The standard assumption is that we cannot predict or influence the future – merely adapt to it. As a result only about 3% of organizations bother to use scenario planning as an integral part of their strategic thinking and strategic planning. This failure to use scenario planning not only results in poor strategies and poor performance but also fails to identify and address problems and challenges that can seriously limit and ultimately destroy an organization or a society.

This training programme covers a robust approach to planning for the future called ‘Transformative Scenario Planning’ that not only identifies a range of possible futures but also sets out to change the future by influencing systems, structures and processes around us and to do so in a collaborative and holistic manner.

This training course  on Transformative Scenario Planning will address all of these areas by covering the relevant background information and models and providing the powerful practical skills required to negotiate the five key phases of scenario planning. By applying this proven approach delegates will be able to anticipate and plan for a range of likely possible futures that might well impact their organizations and so enjoy a sustainable lead over their private sector or public service competitors.

Key Highlight in this Training will include

  • Assemble a scenario planning team that represents the whole system your organization is operating within
  • Become aware of and observe what is happening in and around your organization
  • Design and deliver detailed, believable, consequential stories about what could happen in the future
  • Identify what can and must be done to mould to or proactively influence the system
  • Plan and act to adapt to – and transform – structures, processes and players in the system

Training Benefits

  • Fully understand the nature and role of scenario planning in today’s private and public sector organizations
  • Clearly distinguish scenario planning from forecasting, contingency planning, trend analysis and threat matrices
  • Really appreciate and master the five key phases of the planning process
  • Confidently structure and implement each phase for maximum success
  • Powerfully apply the results of the process both internally and externally to drive innovation in product development, service delivery, funding, etc.
  • Skillfully disseminate the panel’s outputs and thus enhance their organization’s reputation, credibility and standing

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable to a wide range of Professionals and Leaders but will greatly benefit:

  • Strategic Planning Teams
  • Board-level Members
  • Senior Managers
  • Politicians
  • Policy Developers
  • People working in private organizations, government departments, public sector organizations, emergency services, NGOs, academia, professional bodies


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Transformative Scenario Planning
Preparing for and Changing the Future

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