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Tender Adjudication, Contract Monitoring and PPP   

Addressing Key Contract Issues in Tendering Procedures and Bid Evaluation


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The issuing of tenders for goods and services encourages fair play and good pricing for organizations issuing them. The process can, however be complex and extensive. This course will provide participants with the knowledge, concepts and skills needed to perform all tendering tasks. The course covers each step of the tendering processes and procedures as well as the different techniques and approaches used in evaluating the bids. Participants in this interactive course will learn essential tools and techniques used in analyzing submitted bids including preliminary examination, technical evaluation and commercial evaluation.

This course will also take you through the key elements and challenges of the process for procuring a private partner to deliver a PPP project, addressing the key differences between PPP procurement and conventional public procurement.  Participants will gain a thorough understanding of how to procure, negotiate and manage PPP contracts, dealing effectively with the issues that might arise over the operational life of a PPP contract. 
This training will include:

  • List the contracting stages from setting the scope of work to awarding the contract
  • Outline the main objectives for the tendering process and recognize other alternative contracting methods
  • Prepare the tendering strategy, determine the sourcing method and scope of work of the project, and plan the evaluation process of the bidders
  • Evaluate in-depth the process of preparing tenders and selecting potential contractors
  • Identify preliminary, technical and commercial evaluation procedures and apply several methodologies using criteria, weights and scoring protocols to optimize bidder's selection process

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Fully understand the bidding process from start to finish
  • Ensure you can clearly define the tender requirements
  • Establish a qualified evaluation team with all the skills to select the most suitable bidder
  • Learn how to identify the key evaluation criteria
  • Know how to award tenders to qualified, good value suppliers that present an acceptable risk level to your organisation
  • Contract preparation
  • Writing scope of work
  • Preparing contract plan
  • Determining pricing strategy
  • Understanding tendering process
  • Evaluating bids

Who should Attend
This training is suitable for anyone involved in the preparation or evaluation of tenders / bids including:-

  • Specialists / technical staff involved in the issuing of tenders
  • Procurement personnel
  • Project managers / team leaders involved in issuing tenders

Compressed Program Outline Kindly contact us for a full course outline

·         Overview of contracting and tendering
·         Objectives of tendering
·         Tendering preparation
·         Commercial and financial consideration
·         Tender evaluation and award