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The purpose of this Vital success critical Masterclass in Programme Management is to enable Developmental programme managers, Supply chain and Value chain Managers to apply and reflect critically on theories, methodologies and programme management practices  to deal with rapidly changing advancements in technology and international competitive markets of the 21st century to ensure successful application of global best practices identified by PMI. Delegates will be introduced to the structure, components, and skills required to initiate and manage programs with required outcome and impact. This masterclass will also delineate the differences between a project management approach, and a program management approach to help program managers better understand challenges faced by project managers so as to be able to support them better.

This Training will include

  • Understand the meaning of a program, and how it fits within the organization's management structure
  • Learn the different mindset required for managing programs vs. managing projects
  • Gain a clear picture of best model for program management as per PMI's standards
  • Identify program components and lifecycle
  • Recognize the most efficient route to obtaining the PMI PgMP® Certification
  • Practice solving sample exam questions

Impact to you and Your Organization:

  • Reflect critically on the role of quality and performance management in the organisational supply chain
  • Compare business strategy theory with practice to meet challenges in both internal and external organisational environments, in a prescriptive and emergent manner, to enhance the value creation ability of the learning organization
  • Evaluate the creation of effective and efficient project and process teams, from a behavioural perspective, with the aim of improving the performance of an organization
  • Analyse strategic financial management theories, including the fundamentals of contract and corporate law, in order to contribute to the effective functioning of the financial discipline of the organisation..
  • Demonstrate specialised knowledge in research design, research methodologies and the execution of the research process.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply appropriate research methodologies and written communication to support the research process and findings.
  • Evaluate current relevant empirical research studies to determine the relevance to the research problem under analysis.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply quantitative and qualitative research techniques in a work-context environment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to document research findings in an academic and scientific manner.
  • Critically reflect on research outcomes and results within an ethical framework and in the context of project, programme and portfolio management.

Who should Attend
This training is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • CEOs, SVPs, VPs and
  • Senior executives accountable for organizational strategy setting and execution
  • Middle to senior managers involved in program management,
  • Project Team Leaders and Supervisors 
  • Entrepreneurs establishing new organizations
  • If you're a program manager looking to demonstrate a proven ability to manage complex, multiple projects and align results to organizational goals; increase your visibility and value with your organization; and separate yourself in the eyes of employers,
  • Anyone interested in pursuing a professional career in Project and programme Management

Compressed Key Topics (Please contact us for an expanded Outline)

Supply Chain Quality and Performance Management

Transformational Corporate Strategy
Creating High-Performance Project and Process Teams
Financial Management of Corporate Projects and Programmes

Managing for Organisational Performance

Infrastructural Asset Management

Managing Virtual Dynamic Organisations (VDOs)

Leadership and Management Research Methodology

Managing Virtual Networks of Partners”.


Successful Programme Management Masterclass​
Strategic Tools and Techniques for Improving Programme Success

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