Simplification of Work Processes and Procedures

Exploring Methodologies, Implementation & Monitoring for Work Simplification


Going back to basics' is the main theme of this highly interactive course which aims to help participants recognize the need to simplify their organizational processes and procedures. The course will provide the participants with international best practices which will help them understand causes of complexity and identify areas for improvement by focusing on eliminating waste, simplifying procedures, and standardizing and automating opportunities. Participants in this practical course will also learn to use tools to map and diagram processes and procedures revealing issues and opportunities for improvement. Various hands-on tools will present participants with the opportunity to transfer this knowledge to their organization and expect immediate results.

The achievement of Objectives and KPI’s corelates negatively with work complexity, therefore simplification is becoming essential to help meet challenging objectives.
This training will include:

  • The compelling need for simplicity and clarity and how to achieve it
  • The stages of work simplification and a Process Simplification Guide
  • How to analyse procedures in order to simplify them
  • How to develop a robust approach to Process Simplification
  • The need for a specific team to oversee the simplification opportunities
  • Where does this fit with Total Quality Management (TQM)

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • State how the simplification of work procedures increases individual and organizational performance
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of simplification of work processes and procedures
  • Implement the stages of work simplification
  • Show how to simplify complex procedures
  • Explain how to analyse process flow charts with the aim of simplifying the procedure

Who should Attend

This training is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • All staff involved in writing procedures or other work process related documents
  • Those managing work processes and procedures
  • Administration and Secretarial Professionals
  • Those involved in auditing work procedures/documentation
  • All Documentation and Quality Professionals

Compressed  Key Topics (Please contact us for a full Program Outline)

Introduction: The Business Need for Simplification
Designing and Developing Simplified Procedures
Developing Documentation and Automation
Analysing and Simplifying Procedures
The Simplification Project

Among a range of valuable topics, the following will be given high priority

The compelling need for simplicity and clarity and how to achieve it

Analysing and simplifying processes and procedures

Hands-on procedure writing

Methods to achieve simplification

Definitions and use of all relevant documents

A complete approach to documentation

Writing simple, clear and concise procedures

Applying the Plain English Standard

Design and use of Flowcharts

Different types of process maps to aid simplification


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