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The financial sphere is getting more and more attractive for hackers, who are eager to exploit company's every weakness. According to the Identity Theft Record Center’s 2017 data breach report, there were about 70 breaches in the banking, credit, and financial spheres in 2017, with more than two million records exposed.

This highly intensive seminar  will cover security best practices and strategies effectively used in designing secure banking app. the training will walk you through the most common mobile banking security problems along with tried and tested security strategies on how to deal with them by applying modern technologies and approaches.

This training will include:

  • Top mobile banking app challenges & how to solve them
  • Insecure data storage (How to prevent insecure data storage)
  • Insecure communication (How to protect data communications)
  • Securing data communications ( how to avoid insecure authentication and authorization)
  • Insecure code and reverse engineering (how to secure code and architecture) 
  • Protecting against data leaks through employees.
  • Understanding user patterns and user behaviour
  • Push notifications. a powerful tool to prevent or stop fraud

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • The participants will understand how to Use only the latest and most trustworthy encryption algorithms that make data impossible to decrypt even if intercepted
  • Will learn how to avoid reliance on standard mobile software development kits for iOS and Android and will understand best methods on how to implement proprietary, highly secure storage.
  • Choose only the latest and most reliable encryption algorithms that have proved their feasibility, such as Triple DES, RSA, AES, Blowfish, or Twofish.
  • Implement multi-factor authentication. Unlike two-factor authentication
  • Server-side authentication and authorization best practices
  • Use obfuscation instruments for comprehensive app testing
  • Performance of the subjective nature of accounting policies
  • online banking mobile security planning stage best practices

Who should Attend

  • Security professionals who want to fill the gaps in their understanding of technical information security
  • Managers who want to understand information security beyond simple terminology and concepts
  • Operations personnel who do not have security as their primary job function but need an understanding of security to be effective
  • IT engineers and supervisors who need to know how to build a defensible network against attacks
  • Administrators responsible for building and maintaining systems that are being targeted by attackers
  • Forensic analysts, penetration testers, and auditors who need a solid foundation of security principles so they can be as effective as possible at their jobs
  • Anyone new to information security with some background in information systems and networking in the Banking Sector.

Compressed  Key Topics (Please contact us for a full Program Outline)

Network fundamentals
Core security design principles for networks
Protocol behavior
Analysis and decoding of packets
Information assurance foundations
Computer security policies
Contingency and continuity planning
Password management and access control
Incident handling
Offensive and defensive information warfare
Host-based intrusion detection and prevention
Network-based intrusion detection and prevention
Offensive methods of attack
Firewalls and perimeters
Risk assessment and auditing
Wireless security
Operations security
Windows security
Unix/Linux security

Security Risks from banking Mobile Apps and Web Portals for emerging markets

Poorly protected APIs give adversaries a chance to bypass authentication and authorization schemes. Stay on top of the Game!!!