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​​Safety Tips for Training, Conference Seminar and Workshop Goers

Be Safe! It starts with the Training Company. An established Corporate Training Company Should know that Value for money is not only training but also Delegate Safety. The airports are full of pretenders and you don't want to end up in a wrong Vehicle, bad company or in a bad surrounding because the Company was not there to pick you up. Companies that have a meet in the training room Policy are not responsible and should be avoided.  If they don't provide Client Services, Do not go to their trainings.

and Ends with you. Be vigilant, don't do the obvious wrongs too common with travellers in a foreign country

For whatever special reason you may have, do not use Uba or Taxify Cars or taxis that were not referred to you by a friend or someone its the first wrong. Do the following

  1. If you are going for Tourism, Training, a Meeting or Business Make sure there is an identifiable and verifiable representative of the Company You are going to, to receive you at the Airport. 
  2. If you are Travelling for personal purposes and there is No Company involved, Obviously You have booked a Hotel before arrival. Please use the Hotel Shuttle.
  3. If you are Visiting a Friend, let your friend be your Guide. they know the country better than you do. 


Golden Rule. Do not Travel to a Foreign Country without some form of Its Currency. You will need it for your first day. NEVER Offer to pay in Dollars anywhere, Use Your Credit Card! Should you need to Do Forex Transactions, PLEASE Use the Services of your Dedicated Host to take you to a Bank or Safe Bureau De Change for your Forex Transactions. If you are leaving the Airport Its a risk to use In-airport Bureau De Change for your Forex transactions, Many get followed and robbed so Be cautious. Trust only the People You have followed and stay in their Company. You will have a memorable Stay in any Country.

Crime is Everywhere. Its our responsibility to Ensure Your Safety, Its your responsibility to keep Alert.

NOTE: FOr South Africa Destination, South Africa's Weather Parttern is very unpredictable. You can have all the four seasons in a week, please Always carry a Warm Cloth even if its Boiling Hot Summer in your Country.


A Volatile Image of South Africa is that of a place where  Murder‚ rape‚ car hijackings‚ civil unrest‚ water shortages‚ spiked drinks‚ drunk drivers and terrorism. is a daily communication on Social Media. while Most of it is untrue, we still want to advise any would be travellers with the following.

South Africa is like any Other Country, and Just like any other Country Crime is bound to happen and it is also preventable. The fact that you are a traveller in another country, you are already vulnerable.

Simple things however could ensure you are always safe.

The following Tips will contribute significantly to your safety and ensure that you have the best experience in any country you visit.  

Research has shown that in most cases, the victim has a small contribution to the crime by being too open. 

  • Most likely you don't speak any local languages,
  • You don't understand the currency
  • You think everyone will help you.   


ACAE Global Hosts trainings in every country across the globe and we urge all our delegates to observe this advise to ensure an enriching and uninterruptible experience under our care