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The overall aim of this critical Workshop is to deepen capacity in the budgeting institutions of participating countries and international organizations to manage reforming budget systems. This training workshop will provide participants with an overview of the key principles, theoretical frameworks, practical implementation challenges and lessons learnt surrounding the full policy/budget cycle in modern public finance systems.

The training programme includes opportunities to apply the presented frameworks practically through the use of case studies, exercises and smaller discussion groups. The training workshop is equipped with case studies from active countries and governments in Africa and Europe.  The Case studies programme builds on the training workshop by allowing participants to engage in depth with key workshop themes in an applied setting. Included in this workshop is a practical course on how to use Excel for budgeting, forecasting and financial modelling.

This training will include:

  • Modern approaches to public finance management
  • Budget formulation, including medium term frameworks and programme performance budgeting
  • Integration of intergovernmental fiscal transfers into the budget process
  • Budget execution, including cash management systems, internal controls and the need for and limitations of Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) in improving financial reporting and accountability
  • Cash versus accrual accounting
  • Policy and budget monitoring and evaluation, including budget examination, public expenditure reviews, public expenditure tracking, impact evaluations and other approaches to improve policy accountability
  • Accountability and integrity systems, including fiscal transparency and the role of political institutions such as the public accounts committee
  • Audit and evaluation, including financial compliance auditing, performance auditing, internal auditing
  • The design and implementation of public financial management reform programmes
  • Learn how to use Excel for financial modelling, budgeting and forecasting.

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • This Workshop is designed for Finance and budget Personnel specifically those who are actively involved in planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, evaluating, and assessing National, and Public Budgets, the importance and impact can not be over emphasised other than this.

Who should Attend
This Training is designed for Finance and budget Personnel specifically those who are actively involved in planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, evaluating, and assessing National, and Public Budgets including Business owners, managers, financial managers, directors, bookkeepers, marketers, HR managers and anyone who deals with budgets and forecasting in their work related tasks.

Compressed Program Outline

Part I

Building towards budget credibility through improved budget formulation processes
Developing a programme performance budget
Intergovernmental grants 
Expenditure control, accounting and Financial Management Information Systems
Managing cash – ensuring predictability and discipline in budget execution
Budget implementation expenditure control and FMIS
Accrual Accounting in developing countries  
Policy and budget monitoring and evaluation
Accountability and integrity of systems

Financial performance and accountability: the role of auditing

Designing PFM reform programmes

Intergovernmental fiscal system 

Framework for managing performance information 

Policy and budget analysis 

Part II
MS – Excel Basic to Advanced and Application Cases

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Public Financial Accountability and Budget management 

 Including Budgeting and Forecasting Practices Using MS- Excel 



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