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This vital training workshop will help you develop your own personal leadership style and approach to become highly effective with every action you take or decision you make in leading your projects. It pays special attention to enhancing your ability to leverage personal skills to influence and persuade others to successfully deliver what they promise and therefore contribute to your project’s success. The training course will focus on the skills and methods to be able to negotiate in your customer and supplier relationships, with people over whom you may not have direct control.

The training course explores: the project environment and the nature of organizational politics in projects; leadership skills which will promote commitment and high levels of performance from all involved in the project outputs and outcomes; influencing people with power to act appropriately in the project environment; negotiating win-win agreements and resolving conflict.

​Participants will have the opportunity to assess and discuss the application of the content to their own project and to devise their own personal developmental plan.

This training will include:

  • Understanding yourself so that you can become the best project leader you can be
  • Influencing other people to help make your projects successful
  • Enabling project teams and team members to be highly effective
  • Achieving ‘win-win’ negotiations which benefit your project and those contributing to it
  • Establishing a personal leadership development strategy

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Appraise their own project leadership skills
  • Apply appropriate power in influencing others
  • Manage corporate politics in relation to projects
  • Apply principles and common methods of negotiation
  • Choose leadership techniques which enhance others’ performance

Who should Attend

This training is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Team Leaders
  • Project Work Team Leaders
  • Project Subject Matter Experts
  • Project Sponsors / Owners

Compressed  Key Topics, (Please contact us for a full Program Outline)

The Project Environment and Organisational Politics
Project Leadership
The Use of Power and Influence in Project Leadership
Negotiating win-win agreements
Project Leadership Development

Project Leadership in Action​
 Power, Influence, Politics & Negotiations 

Also available for 2 to 3 day durations as well as 10 to 30-day training durations In-House and Live online

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