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Theories Of Change and Impact Assessment for Successful Program Outcomes

​​Latest Tools and effective methods for analyzing the impact of developmental projects and Programmes

​​Interest in developing and using Theories of Change both for planning and assessing impact has grown rapidly over the last few years. Theories of Change can be set at different levels and are being used in a number of ways. At one end of the scale, they are pulled together by one person to support a programme proposal or a specific donor demand. At the other end, they are facilitated over a period of several months and include wide consultation with staff, partners and beneficiaries, and are used to inform strategy at all levels. As Theories of Change focus specifically on sequences of change for different target groups, they provide a clear and robust framework for monitoring and assessing the impact of our development efforts.

This training provides in-depth answers to all of these questions and more. It introduces the elements of Theory of Change and offers the opportunity for participants to apply and experiment with the key ideas and processes using their own case studies as well as illustrative case studies presented by our eprned trainers.

Conceptually clear and very practical, this Course will equip staff with the knowledge and skills to consider which elements of Theory of Change they can apply in their own organizational setting and how best to go about it.

Training Objectives
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

What theories of change are and what they include , Who is using them and how the process relates to existing methods for planning and evaluation

  • How to develop a theory of change and how the Bond Impact Builder can support this process
  • What "impact" is and why it matters
  • What makes impact assessment different from, and complementary to, monitoring and evaluation
  • The approaches used to assess impact 
  • Key challenges and how to work with them
  • How theories of change can support planning for impact
  • The tools and methods you can use to understand your contribution
  • How to use the results of an impact assessment to help demonstrate effectiveness
  • How to make impact assessments more influential, rigorous, rational, substantive, practical, democratic, collaborative, ethical, and adaptive
  • How each problem and challenge-reducing process would operate at the regulatory and applied levels
  • How each problem can be approached for different impact assessment types—sustainability assessment, strategic environmental assessment, project-level EIA, social impact assessment, ecological impact assessment, and health impact assessment
  • How to link and combine impact assessment processes to operate in situations with multiple overlapping problems, challenges, and impact assessment types
  • How to connect and combine impact assessment processes

 Who Should Attend
This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • This Workshop is designed for programme managers and those who are actively involved in planning, evaluating, and assessing the impact of programmes who have some experience of project cycle management and M&E. Those who are about to undertake a Theory of Change process or an impact assessment are welcome to bring their own case study to work on during the Workshop.

    Additionally, those who are hoping to use Theory of Change approaches in the future will also find the content relevant. Some familiarity with Theory of Change approaches is beneficial though not essential as pre-Workshop reading will be given to participants in preparation for the Workshop. Where possible, we recommend that two or more individuals attend from one organization.

Key Course Content (please cntact us for a detailed program information flyer)

Theory of Change Essentials

Impact assessment: what difference did we make?

Impact assessment in Practice ( Solutions to Recurrent problems and contemporary Challenges

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