It is widely recognised that good project preparation and contract management is fundamental to a successful PPP project. The concept of PPP obligates a more collaborative relationship between both sectors, fostered by openness and trust. This presents a major shift from the traditional arms-length approach in procuring services and executing projects. Well designed, feasible projects attract greater interest amongst potential investors and demonstrate the potential benefits of taking the project forward to procurement phase.

This career building training Workshop will focus on how best to prepare for a PPP project and then manage the PPP procurement process; identifying, assessing and allocating the principal risks in structuring the PPP contract, and other key issues that need to be considered in managing these long term high risk contracts. Exposure to both of the commercial landscape and background to PPP as well as its implementation will promote greater understanding of its place in infrastructure procurement.

This training will include:

  • Selection of a PPP contract type for given project context
  • What constitutes a sound feasibility approach
  • How to perform a basic project appraisal
  • Selection of a PPP contract type for given project context
  • How key risk areas can be managed
  • Focus on principal ways PPP contracts can be properly managed

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Determine project identification, screening and selection
  • Address the range of issues in identifying, financing, and procurement
  • Analyse best practices in conducting financial, economic, and technical feasibility studies
  • Analyse the principal risk areas and issues common to all PPPs
  • Explain the PPP procurement process
  • Identify key PPP contract clauses

Who should Attend
This training Seminar is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Policy makers
  • Senior government personnel
  • Director and senior management from private infrastructure/public utility sectors (energy & electricity, water & waste water, transportation (roads, airports, ports, and rail), telecommunications, education, health, and municipal services
  • Project and contracts personnel in both public and private sectors
  • Risk management personnel
  • Auditors and comptrollers
  • Professionals who have some experience with infrastructure projects and wish to improve their knowledge and decision-making capacity to enact policies related to PPPs

Compressed  Key Topic, (Please contact us for a full Program Outline)

Module 1: Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Project Preparation

  • Defining Public-Private Partnerships and Setting the Framework
  • Key Decision Criteria to Select Public or Private Provision for a Particular Infrastructure Sector
  • Basics of Project Preparation: An Overview of its Key Components
  • Planning for PPP Project Management
  • Project Pre-Feasibility Analysis

Module 2: Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Contract Management

  • Dynamics of PPPs
  • Development and Implementation of a PPP Transaction
  • Structuring the PPP Contract
  • Managing Other Key Elements of PPP Contracts
  • Operation of the PPP Contract


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PPP Project Preparation & Contract Management
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