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Exceptional Performance Management is a hallmark of every successful organization. However, it does not stand alone. As competitive pressures increase, new methods emerge. In recent years, organisations have dealt with performance issues in operations by adopting Lean methods.  Project delays and cost overruns have resulted in the evolution of a range of Agile methods.  Today’s challenge is to understand how they impact each other and integrate them to deliver optimal performance and productivity. 

This intensive ACAE Global training course provides the methods, tools and techniques required to improve performance and productivity by integrating strategy, operations and projects with a performance measurement, framework that will work in traditional environments and enhance Lean and Agile methods when they are used.

This Training workshop will include

  • Understanding Performance Measurement and Benchmarking
  • How to instigate, prolong and measure Continuous Improvement
  • How to select the ‘vital few’ KPIs
  • The vital impact of people on process
  • How to integrate performance management with Lean and Agile operations and projects

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Explain the benefits of Performance Measurement, Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking.
  • Show how these activities play a part in helping their organization perform at a higher level
  • Determine methods for generating and implementing effective performance measures
  • Use a process improvement and benchmarking methods
  • Integrate performance measures with relevant Lean and Agile tools to increase productivity
  • ​Identifying and specifying the ‘vital few’ performance measures that drive success
  • Understanding current proven techniques for continuous improvement and benchmarking
  • Practicing the application of these methods, tools and techniques, through case studies & interactive exercises
  • Knowing when and how Lean and Agile approaches should be used, and how they relate to performance measures
  • Developing an action plan to utilize these approaches in their own areas of responsibility

Who should Attend
This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals who are involved in any aspect of Performance Management and who want to understand, implement and improve the latest proven Performance Measurement methods, tools and techniques to improve productivity, including:

  • General Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Operational Managers
  • Maintenance & Reliability Engineers
  • Technical Managers & Supervisors
  • Quality Managers

Compressed Key Topics (kindly contact us for an expanded comprehensive outline)

Performance Measurement: The Starting Point for Improvement
Using Measurements for Continuous Improvement
An Overview of Lean and Agile tools and techniques
Benchmarking, Measurement and Improvement
Running a Successful Benchmarking Project

Amongst a wide range of valuable topics, the following will be prioritised:

  • Current good practice in Performance Measurement 
  • Implementing benchmarking and continuous improvement
  • Selecting the ‘vital few’ Performance Measures
  • The key principles of Lean management
  • The fusion of Lean and Agile approaches – the current state of the art
  • Analyzing and Improving Process and Project performance
  • Identifying and selecting KPI measures and targets
  • Integrating performance management with Lean and Agile
  • Different Methods of benchmarking and how they relate to each other
  • Measuring outcomes, outputs and value drivers

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Performance Measurements, ContinuousImprovement & Benchmarking

Achieving Strategic Alignment in Lean and Agile environments