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Office and IT tools for secretaries and assistants

Enhancing Your Communication, Coordination and Leadership Skills using Technology Tools

As the reliance on technology continues to expand in offices, the role of the administrative professional has greatly evolved. Office automation, professional services automation and organizational restructuring have led Personal Assistants, Executive secretaries and administrative professionals to increasingly assume responsibilities once reserved for managerial and professional staff. In spite of these changes, however, the core responsibilities for Executive secretaries and administrative professionals have remained much the same: performing and coordinating an office's administrative activities and storing, retrieving, and integrating information for dissemination to Management, staff and clients.

This practical intensive 5 day Training will provide skills needed by Administrative Professionals in the industry today to help them effectively perform and coordinate office activities in Information Management and effective reporting, Data Gathering, Effective Organization and time management using appropriate tools and Streamlining Productivity. 

This training will include:

  • Perform and coordinate office activities
  • Manage information: how to store, retrieve, integrate, and disseminate information using appropriate technology and methods
  • Organize and maintain business communication by mastering MS Outlook
  • Use important Microsoft Office applications for strategic effective administrative work
  • Solve business problems using technology tools for efficiency
  • Communicate in a business environment: written, verbal, and nonverbal
  • Demonstrate the use of up-to-date technology and computer applications
  • Formulate solutions to business problems using facts, logic, creativity, and values
  • Solve mathematical problems related to business operations
  • Access and evaluate information effectively

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Support more informed decisions by effectively capturing, tracking, reporting, and sharing information. Features will be taken from a variety of business and organizational scenarios. Participants will develop Excel databases and Reporting Dashboards to support the business decision-making process.
  • Increase your business communication effectiveness in a global and technological business environment. Features will incorporate the effective use of Web-based communication, video conferencing, e-mail etiquette, intranet communication skills, and teleconferencing.
  • Prepare engaging and effective business presentations. Participants will plan, organize, prepare and produce professional quality presentations to meet organizational and business needs. Features will include customizing a presentation, design templates, slide layouts, custom slide animation and transitions, using multimedia, charts and diagrams, integration, and tools for producing multiple outputs including publishing to the web.

Who should Attend
This training is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Office Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Administrators
  • Supervisors
  • Secretaries
  • Support Staff
  • PA’s

Compressed  Key Topics (Please contact us for a full Program Outline)

Part A: The art of effective administrative management
Assertiveness and conflict resolutions
Modern business writing skills
Business Travel Management

Part B:

Technology in Administrative Management

​Effective Planning and Organizational skills using ICT

Effective Communication & Presentation skills using ICT

​Effective Events Management with ICT

Bringing it together - ICT Cmprehensive practical featuring relevant scenarios from participant workplace situations.


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