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This intensive Mini MBA Level training gives a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices of management and leadership. It builds on the tenet that good management is the foundation of organizational success and progresses to consider the transitional skills and competencies that make great leaders. Central to the training course is the belief that we can all lead effectively through a reflection on our personal style and experiences aligned with a commitment engage those we lead.  Communication, collaborative practice and customer focus, emerge as key themes but these are underpinned by the essential notion that successful practice requires passion and a commitment to people development.  This will provide an ‘MBA level’ experience in terms of content, instruction, discussion, and team exercises.

This Training workshop will include

  • Psychometric assessment of personal managerial and leadership style,
  • Productive and empowering leadership techniques for peak performance,
  • In-depth examination of the key issues of people leadership and organizational excellence, conflict
  • Managerial Leadership -a concept for career transition and progression
  • Building a future personalized agenda for management and leadership excellence

Impact to you and Your Organization:

  • Appraise their managerial/leadership style and its impact on others
  • Employ a range of interpersonal skills to engage and empower
  • Generate collaborate strategies for team and organizational improvement
  • Select and apply innovative techniques for problem solving and continuous improvement
  • Articulate the role of management and leadership in one’s business

Who should Attend
This Mini-MBA on Leadership and Management is suitable for a wide range of professionals, including

  • Existing leaders and managers seeking to rejuvenate their practice
  • Management professional seeking leadership roles
  • High potential and future leaders
  • Leaders and managers implementing change programmes
  • Technical professionals undertaking managerial/leadership positions

Compressed Program Outline (PLease contact us for an expanded Outline)

The Complete Manager

  • The Foundation of Management
  • Dealing with Workplace Conflict
  • Managing Organisational Improvement
  • Building and Leading the Motivated Teams
  • Managing Problem-Solving activity

The Complete Leader

  • Leadership in a Dynamic, Global Environment
  • Leadership in Organisational Excellence
  • The Communicating Leader
  • Leadership and Trusting Relationships
  • Leadership Building the Innovative Responsive Environment

Mini MBA: Management & Leadership Mastery

​​The Complete Course on Management & Leadership: Leading & Managing for Results