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Managing & Leading in a Multi-Cultural Workplace
Essential Steps Leading to Success with Diverse Teams


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About this Training

Our workplaces are increasingly becoming more diverse and management and leadership in a cross-cultural environment is an essential skill for any manager or leader in any organisation. Culture is a complex concept, with many different definitions. Put simply, culture is about the way people think, feel, and act.

This highly interactive and participative training workshop aims to explore the meaning and psychology of culture; to understand the impact of culture on management and leadership; it will help identify the areas in which cultural differences present a challenge in managing and leading employees in a multi-cultural workplace;

the workshop will ensure you become more self-aware in cultural understanding, individual biases and assumptions and to understand the implications these have on your work. This is a high impact and vital training workshop for any manager or leader working in a multi-cultural workplace.

This Training workshop will include

  • Developing your multi-cultural leadership & management skills in a fun & informative learning environment
  • Discovering best-practice in diversity management & multi-cultural communication
  • Appreciating current business issues related to managing & leading in a multi-cultural workplace
  • Strategies for improving your cross-cultural communication
  • Ways to ensure success and limit failure with international assignments

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Understand Hofstede’s five value dimensions
  • Explain the meaning of each of the five value dimensions
  • Illustrate examples of stereotypes and stereotyping
  • Differentiate between transformational & transactional management
  • Formulate a business case for cultural diversity in their workplace

Who should Attend

  • Expatriates working on global assignments or those who manage expatriates
  • Human resource personnel including HR Business Partners
  • All supervisors, middle Managers & Department Heads
  • Senior Managers in multi-cultural organisations
  • All staff interested in developing multi-cultural skills

Compressed Key Topics (kindly contact us for an expanded comprehensive outline)

The Meaning of Culture
The Psychology of Culture
Leadership & Management
Managing Diverse Employees in a Multi-cultural Workplace
Current Issues in International Business

Understanding globalisation
Strategies for improving your cross-cultural communication
Developing a global mindset
Managing diverse employees in a multi-cultural workplace
Best-practice in multi-cultural communication
Current business issues related to managing & leading in a multi-cultural workplace
Ways to ensure success and limit failure with international assignments
Culture shock and global working