This unique, 5 Day intensive experience focused Workshop looks at the key facets of leadership and provides participants with the opportunity to challenge themselves in a dynamic learning environment. The program is facilitated by Professionals with many years in Law Enforcement Leadership who are at the forefront of thought leadership and practice. Participants will be exposed to prominent guest speakers from  Security Intelligence and law enforcement Clusters and the corporate world.

The program is anchored around relevant content and activities such as the in-session projects which are designed to address real time law enforcement issues. The program covers the principle management and leadership concepts and competencies needed to formulate and execute strategy; how to create operational structures, systems, processes, and resources to execute the strategy; how to support front-line managers and employees by creating the conditions to help them succeed; and finally, to actually lead and manage tactically on the front-lines. The competencies addressed by the program ensure that participants are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to think differently, make better decisions, be better negotiators, communicate more effectively, act with integrity and political astuteness, understand the implications of financial decisions, manage and lead change and contribute to the overall health of these critical Safety Aligned National organizations

This training will include:

  • Fundamentals of planning, execution, and progress/results measurement
  • Nested hierarchical planning, mission analysis, and mission leadership
  • The fundamental principles common to all types of leadership, and the characteristics proper to strategic, operational, and tactical leadership
  • Leadership Development Framework: How leaders develop, progress, and grow, and the techniques to foster this evolution·        
  • Identify actionable intelligence within a law enforcement agency.
  • Use available resources (e.g., crime analysts) to analyze intelligence information
  • Communicate intelligence information internally (within the agency) and externally (with external stakeholders: media, community groups, outside government agencies, etc.).
  • Develop a strategic plan (e.g., development of goals, identification of key stakeholders, identification of internal and external partners) to effectively collect and disseminate intelligence information internally (within law enforcement agency) and externally (to the community, media, etc.).
  • Develop and use appropriate internal monitoring systems (e.g., internal affairs, early warning systems) to identify ethical violations (e.g., racial profiling, excessive force).
  • Use effective leadership strategies (e.g., mentoring, oversight, accountability) to cultivate a law enforcement culture that develops ethical employees.
  • Examine the current issues facing the Agencies (e.g., racial profiling, building community partnerships, collaborating with external stakeholders) and develop a strategic leadership plan for addressing these issues while maintaining a culture that promotes ethics and professionalism.

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Understand the planning and execution framework at all levels of Law Enforcement
  • Recognize and apply the concepts and principles of strategy, operational planning, and tactical execution
  • Create and maintain organisational structures, processes, and systems to ensure tactical, operational, and strategic success
  • Understand Develop and Apply the strategic, operational, and tactical leadership framework
  • Identify and assess linkages and interrelations of leadership with strategy, operations, organisation, and tactics for Success in Public Safety

Who should Attend
The program is designed for experienced Law Enforcement officers:

  • who perform executive duties of command and management;
  • with demonstrated potential and ambition to move into leadership position; and
  • Who can receive sponsorship and support from the appropriate nominating officer.
  • Who want to advance their leadership qualities for Public Safety

Past participants include municipal and community services as well as professionals from the National and Provincial Police, Traffic Police, VIP Protection Services, Tactical Security Organizations and Military Forces.
A discrete number of qualified civilian Security managers are accepted for class participation. Participants are nominated by their Chief or Commissioner and sponsored by their department.

Compressed Program Outline

Part1 - Strategy Excellence: From Strategic Vision to Tactical Execution

From Vision to Results: The Planning and Execution Framework

Strategy: Setting the Vision and Direction

Operational Campaign Planning: Turning the Strategy into Actionable Plans

Operational Systems and Processes: Setting the Conditions for Successful Execution of Strategy

Getting Results and Leading in the Face Pressure and Obstacles

Part 2 - Effective Organisational Leadership

Understanding the Leadership System and Leadership Development Framework in Intelligence and Law Enforcement

The Three Pillars of Good Public Safety Leadership: Knowledge, Skill, Character
Rank and Roll Definition

Tactical leadership: Front-line Leadership to Achieve the Organization’s Mission, Vision, and Goals

Operational Leadership: Implementing the Strategy by Creating Winning Conditions for Tactical Leaders

Strategic Leadership: Formulating and Communicating Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Strategy

Putting it all Together: Creating a Visionary and Strategy-based Law Enforcement and Security Agency


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