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Administrative assistants are invaluable members of the office team. They are not only charged with overseeing and coordinating the day to day operations of a business and playing a unique role in every day operations of a company, they are administrators, who others look to for support.  To be successful as an administrative professional you don’t just need excellent management skills for handling multiple tasks and meeting deadlines, but the more subtle arts of leadership. 

The Leadership for Administrative Professionals training course, will enhance your leadership skills and enable you to influence and benefit those around you with your enthusiasm and personal example, with your clarity and vision and with your clear, confident and considerate communication.   No matter what your job description, with honed leadership skills, you can definitely ‘do more, be more and achieve more’ for your self and your company.  

This training will include:

  • The inner and outer dimensions of effective leadership
  • Building a positive, motivated and focused team
  • Communication techniques and strategies for every person and every situation
  • Getting results through effective time management and team work
  • Creativity, problem solving and decision making tools

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Bring about change and influence decisions even when faced with resistance 
  • Manage changing roles, responsibilities, resources and relationships effectively
  • Apply a spectrum of priority setting and time management strategies to proactively accomplish goals
  • Analyze conflict, office politics, and interactions with difficult people 
  • Incorporate emotional intelligence and effective listening to be a more effective colleague, work partner and leader

Who should Attend
This training Seminar is suitable for a wide range of HR professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Office Managers
    Team Leaders
    Senior Secretaries
    Project Managers
    New leaders

Compressed Key topics ( please contact us for a comprehensive outline)

The Administrator as Leader
Confident, Clear and Considerate Communication
Working with Others
The Leader Tool Box
The Self Managing Leader

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Leadership for Administrative Professionals
Do More, Be More, Achieve More


Also available for 2 to 3 day durations as well as 10 to 30-day training durations In-House and Live online

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