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Leadership & Strategic Impact

Leading for Strategic Success


This Management & Leadership training provides managers and leaders with insights into the complex subject of ‘strategy’. providing the crucial link between effective leadership and organisational strategy.

Failing to plan results in confusion and poor decision-making. Before planning, leaders must determine the outcomes they seek and share their vision across the organisation, to maximise commitment to action. Only by galvanizing the workforce, being clear about the aims and making best use of resources, can organisations beat the competition and achieve their objectives.

Attendance at this training course offers delegates the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, gain expertise in strategy and learn to communicate more effectively with their people. By enhancing their skills, leaders and emergent leaders will achieve much better outcomes for themselves and their organisation. Leading for Strategic Success and ensuring your leadership has real impact. You will develop a deeper appreciation of your prime leadership responsibility to make sense of external events, decide how to respond then lead your people to success.

You will gain the competencies to identify and remove barriers to success and learn how to deploy a complete strategic management system to effectively and quickly make the right changes to deliver strategic success.


  • The importance of strategic thinking to deliver business success
  • The need for a systematic approach to strategy formulation & implementation
  • Use of appropriate measurement to track performance and inform future strategy
  • Communicating effectively throughout the organisation to maximise performance
  • Key leadership competencies for the 21st Century: strategic and agile thinking


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the impact of leaders on strategy and strategy on leaders
  • Develop strategies and plans, utilising strategic and analytical tools
  • Understand the importance of innovation in the strategy process
  • Develop leadership skills: influencing and communicating effectively
  • Select measurements to track, inform and support decision-making

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Professionals wanting to gain leadership capabilities
  • Professionals who need strategic thinking skills
  • Professionals wanting a refresher in leadership and strategy
  • Professionals with aspirations to become senior leaders
  • Heads of department, project leads


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  • The Current Context of Leadership
  • Strategic Challenges Faced by Leaders
  • New Approaches to Strategy Development
  • Alignment: Linking Strategy to Operations
  • Strategic Leaders: Influence and Communication
  • Analysing and Solving Complex Problems
  • Planning for Success
  • What you Measure is What you Get
  • Leading with Initiative: Being Proactive

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