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Knowledge Management for Programme Success and Knowledge Retention

Best practices for developing, implementing and driving knowledge management in

Project /Programme Management Environments

The loss of experienced employees in project organisation leads to the loss of valuable knowledge and experience gained over many years. Knowledge management (KM) has the ability to change this situation and bring expected success in programme management, as a result of this influence or effects, KM has become one of the most powerful forces for changing management systems and management thinking among Programme based organizations.

Research has proved and established concrete understanding that there is a strong relationship between Knowledge Management and Project and Programme Management, this relationship can be summarised as follows: 

  • Knowledge derived from a project/programme is an essential part of created K in the organisation
  • KM activities can be aligned with project/programme management activities
  • PM factors are the major influencing factors of KM implementation in a project/programme  environment
  • KM contributes to project/programme execution success
  • KM should be aligned with Programme Management through all projects involved in the programme

This workshop aims to highlight the improvements of programme success in organizations by integrating knowledge management strategies with programme/project management practices. 

This training will include:

  • Scoping the innovation and KM environment
  • Distinguishing clearly between the objectives and methodologies of strategic and compliance audits; knowledge management and innovation audits
  • Applying appropriate audit methodologies and techniques to assess organizational knowledge, KM and innovation assets and resources
  • Aligning the need for an auditing and mapping initiative to the enterprise strategy and identify the appropriate focus
  • Integrating KM strategy and policy with that of your organisation
  • Executing the crucial KM implementation steps and stages
  • Creating a KM implementation roadmap and formulate a communication plan in order to mobilize the support and participation of stakeholders
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your KM and innovation programme

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • This Summit will help participants to understand KM processes through which organizations create value from their intellectual and knowledge-based assets.
  • It will highlight how this value involves capturing what employees, partners and customers know and sharing this knowledge among employees, departments and even with other companies in order to create best practices
  • Participants will become more aware that KM is a useful tool that increases productivity especially in knowledge intensive environments such as Programme Management environments.
  • Equip the participants with the application of KM tools and techniques through case studies, analyses, and references
  • Inspire and guide participants to enhance KM initiatives and mechanisms for programme success.
  • Introduce best practices which organizations must apply to bear the periodic discontinuity of expertise and leadership due to term-based appointments and finally, provide a working toolbox and direction that all organizations need to have in order to succeed in implementing change towards a knowledge centred approach in ensuring programme success

Who should Attend

  • KM Managers and Champions, KM practitioners, HR Managers, Departmental Managers
  • Training Managers, Departmental Heads, Programme /Project Personnel
  • Executives and leaders interested in how to enhance organizational success and sustainability,  programme directors, and consultants
  • Organizational learning (OL) practitioners and consultants
  • Risk management (RM) professionals
  • Human resources administrators interested in strategies for improving the quality of human capital and learning
  • KM or related practitioners looking for compelling value propositions, tools, and methods for making KM practical and successful in their own organizations
  • Anyone interested in a new comprehensive approach and strategy for accomplishing successful organizational transformation for great results

​​Compressed  Key Topics (Please contact us for a full Program Outline)

Principles of Knowledge Management
Drivers of KM and Success Factors (Lessons from Real Case)
Knowledge Management Impact on Organizational Performance.
Success Stories from Programme management organizations
Part1 Knowledge Management Practical Tips for KM Practitioners
Part2 Avoiding Pitfalls and Challenges
Part3 Getting Started
Developing the KM Environment
Performing Monitoring and Evaluation on the Knowledge Management Environment
Knowledge Management and Innovation Audits

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