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Whereas there are some risks and uncertainties in operational activities, just about every aspect of a project is subject to significant uncertainty and the possibility of things occurring or being discovered which can significantly impact, positively or negatively, its success. This training Seminar explores a range of tools and techniques which can be used to support the exploration of risk and uncertainty in the content of projects, their schedule, finances and resources. This is underpinned by consideration of a structured approach to the identification, analysis and management of uncertainty, threats and opportunities, utilising the PMBOK® six Risk Management processes.

This Training Seminar will include

  • The latest issues facing organisations involved in Project Appraisal & Analysis
  • The Analysis & Evaluation of Practical Case Studies to ensure skills development and transfer to the workplace
  • Knowledge and Skills Development to ensure tangible benefits for your organisation
  • Leading international Analytical Tools & Techniques
  • The latest methods of Managing Risk & Uncertainties

Impact to you and Your Organization:

  • Understand the use of technical, economic, financial & risk analysis in selecting projects that meet organisational objectives
  • Undertake financial analysis using Payback, NPV & IRR
  • Identify and quantify risk & uncertainties
  • Evaluate and manage risks using the latest tools & techniques
  • Manage uncertainties using Decision Trees and Project Management techniques – Network & Critical Path Analysis, Gantt Charts, Resource Planning, Contingency Planning & Earned Value Analysis

Who should Attend
This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • New & Experienced Supervisors
  • Team Leaders & Line Managers
  • Project & Process Engineers and Managers
  • Risk Managers and Professionals
  • Professionals at all levels involved in project

Compressed Key Topics (Please contact us for an expanded Outline)

Project Appraisal & Analysis I

Project Appraisal & Analysis II – Financial Analysis

Project Risk & Uncertainties

Risk Management

Managing Uncertainties

​​Besides a wide, and in-depth coverage of the above topics, the following are the major highlights.​
Overview of the 6 project risk management processes
Exploring different areas of risk in projects
Selecting projects in the light of risk and uncertainty
Financial analysis techniques used to justify projects
Project cost management models
Identifying and analysing risk qualitatively
Deriving management strategies for risks
Quantitative risk analysis models and tools
Tools and techniques to manage uncertainty
Using project management tools and techniques in managing uncertainty


Project Appraisal & Analysis
Tools & Techniques for Managing Project Risks & Uncertainties