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Success: The Right People in the Right Roles


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Succession Planning is the process through which organizations identify and develop potential future leaders, senior managers or business critical positions. Approaches differ: some companies seek to identify potential by assessing young graduates to identify future leadership potential. Others recognize that people grow and develop according to their abilities and the opportunities which arise.

This training course addresses best practice approaches to succession planning and the challenges organizations face from identifying future potential, to planning processes, talent pools and relationships between HR and senior management. Join us to learn how to address this critical process.


  • Understand the importance of succession planning
  • The link between business and people plans
  • How to develop and manage a talent pool
  • Retaining key staff and nurturing talent
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your succession processes
  • Talent management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Assessment and development centres
  • Performance Management

By the end of the Training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how the HR cycle contributes to achieving business objectives
  • Carry out current and future needs assessments
  • Manage and develop a talent pool
  • Understand the importance of managing performance and providing feedback
  • Identify the most effective leadership development approaches Develop competency frameworks to serve as the basis for talent review, acquisition and development.
  • Use effective and valid tools and techniques to assess the potential of talents
  • Train, develop and coach talents using a wide range of impactful development methods
  •  Assess organizational readiness and develop a pragmatic road-map to establish an integrated talent management system


This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Senior managers responsible for executive succession plans
  • Middle managers identifying leadership potential amongst their staff
  • HR professionals developing succession plans
  • HR professionals in learning & development roles
  • Younger professionals with leadership aspirations

Compressed Program Outline

What is Succession Planning?
People Plans and Business Plans
Talent Management
Talent management system first pillar: performance management scheme
Talent management system second pillar: talent review
Talent management system third pillar: The talent management program
The Process of Nurturing Talent
Challenges of Succession Planning
Organizational readiness and the way ahead