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About this Workshop
The structure, management and positioning of a collections and credit control department will determine its impact upon an organization, even enhancing its role as a profit driver for the organization.

This course explores options for structuring the collections department; how to manage, what to manage, and what to measure.  The end result is more impactful management information, better-organized departments, and enhanced efficiency of collectors.

This training will include:

  • Credit Control
  • Team Management
  • Onboarding
  • Change Management
  • Advanced Collections Management

Workshop Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Reposition the credit function within their organization to create profit
  • Develop and manage the collections or credit control department
  • Identify the most appropriate role for each collections team member in order to create an efficient collections team
  • Redefine the internal image of collections and improve its importance in relation to the rest of the business
  • Drive the credit control department to achieve a change-adaptable team

Who should Attend

This course is for professionals seeking to establish a credit function, or currently managing an existing credit function but aiming to enhance its profitability and operational efficiency with no defects. Team leaders and managers within collections, credit control, client accounts, or finance and accounting functions, from any industry should attend this course. Banking or risk management professionals responsible for the performance and management of the collections and credit control function would also benefit from this course. 


Compressed  Key Topics (Please contact us for a full Program Outline)

·         The collections and credit control environment: a global perspective

·         Developing the collections team

·         Testing team dynamics - identifying the collectors

·         Managing the credit control department

·         Taking the function to a higher performance level

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Managing the Collections and Credit Control Team

Strategies for Success (and Failure) in Credit Control:

Identifying What Works and What Doesn’t


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