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Mini MBA :
Project Management of Developmental Projects

Mastering  Project Management of Development Projects and Financial Management of Development Projects

About this Training
Organizations in the international development sector see improvements in project management practice as a top priority. It is crucial to embed a common approach to project management so that the fundamental and complex challenges faced by managers of development projects can be consistently and effectively addressed.

Set in a 3 module Mini MBA Standard, this training is ideal for anyone who needs to gain an end-to-end and comprehensive understanding of the key elements involved in delivering successful development projects.

Module1 and 2 : provides a thorough grounding in project management concepts, processes and practice. It considers how projects can be consistently organized and managed, effectively and efficiently delivered, completed on time and to agreed budget, scope and quality.

Sound financial management is critical to the success of all types of development projects and Module 3 covers areas including budgeting, accounting policies, financial management, staffing considerations and procurement and contract management.

Benefits of Attending This Masterclass
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Part A: Project Management of Development Projects

  • Phases of a programme and project life cycle
  • Project governance and organisation
  • Project design, initiation and planning
  • Logframe tool and theories of change
  • Complex stakeholder management
  • Project implementation, project control and project triangle
  • Risk and issue management
  • Monitoring, reporting and evaluation
  • Project review and change

Part B: The Development Project Toolkit

  • Understand each phase of the development project life cycle
  • Map key project stakeholders and create an effective engagement plan
  • Plan an appropriate approach to M&E for a given project
  • Evaluate risks and establish an appropriate financial control environment
  • Assess weaknesses in your own financial systems
  • Align financial management of procurement with international best practice

Part C: Financial Management of Development Projects

  • Adopt appropriate financial tools and techniques for managing projects
  • Understand the dynamics and principles involved in the use of donor systems
  • Assess existing project financial management systems and effect needed improvements
  • Understand how to appraise and choose between various prospective project investment opportunities using discounted cash-flow analysis
  • Formulate project plans and budgets and understand their impact on project profitability and cash-flows
  • Align project procurement and contracting processes with international best practice
  • Use integrated financial management information systems to enhance project efficiency and effectiveness
  • Evaluate project implementation risks and minimise them by establishing appropriate internal controls

Who should Attend
 the training is primarily designed for representatives from governments, project teams, Developmental Institutions, Research Centers, multi and bi-lateral donors/ development organizations, financial institutions, consultancies, academia, etc., who are directly or indirectly associated with the management of development projects in any region of the world.


Module 1:Project Management of Development Projects

​​​Module 2:The Development Project Toolkit

Module 3: Financial Management of Development Projects