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Advanced Diplomacy, Protocol & Etiquette Intelligence Training


About this Training
Protocol is the set of rules which prescribe the conduct or behavior that is accepted by high ranking Government officials, diplomats and dignitaries around the world. Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations. It requires having tact and being non-confrontational.

Knowledge in diplomacy, protocol and etiquette is important because it promotes thoughtfulness, exceptionally good manners, respect, refinement and consistency in communication and can empower officials with critical skills to succeed in today's complicated global networks, this training is intended for civil servants and career diplomats, international organizations’ staff, protocol officers, PR professionals, event organizers, meeting planners and all interested in the subject.

 This Training workshop will include planning and establishing order of precedence and preparing agendas, table seating, vehicle seating, drafting welcome letters and thank you notes, invitations & RSVPs; organizing signing agreement ceremonies and activities when planning, coordinating, and participating at conferences, international social events and much more.

You`ll work with top experts facilitating the Programme, and you`ll learn how to handle any protocol issues you would come across when organizing or attending international meetings or any other event.

Impact to You and Your Organization:

  • Encouraged confidence and capability through cross cultural training
  • Enhanced professional appearance & image of your team and your organization
  • Mastering international protocol and personal diplomacy
  • Increased communication skills proficiency and competence
  • Understanding European, American and Chinese dining etiquette
  • Increased credibility and confidence in diplomatic communication
  • Polished interpersonal skills when planning, coordinating, and participating at conferences and other events at the international level
  • Ability to work in international environment and mastering cross-cultural communication

Who should Attend
From UN Agencies, Governments, Foreign Ministries, Foreign Missions, International Organizations, Major Corporations, Trade Unions, Political Parties and NGOs

  • Government officials
  • Practicing diplomats,
  • Civil servants, and those who wish to refresh or expand their knowledge of protocol,
  • Protocol officers, PR consultants, Meeting and special events planners
  • Corporate executives and managers,
  • International and regional organizations staff,
  • NGO staff, Administrative professionals,
  • Those who wish to improve their understanding of international protocol and those whose profession requires communicating and socializing in the global marketplace.

Compressed Program Outline

·         Order Of Precedence
·         Titles And Forms Of Address
·         Calling And Calling Cards
·         Proper Introductions And Their Responses
·         The Ins And Out Of Planning An Event
·         Invitations And Replies
·         Official Entertaining And Private Parties
·         Professional Conduct & Communication Skills
·         Table Seating Etiquette
·         State House Entertaining
·         The Diplomatic Corps
·         Ceremonies
·         Global Gift Giving Practices
·         Women In Official And Public Life
·         Security Issues
·         Airport Receptions
·        Practical Dining Etiquette

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