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Effective Self Management:
Enhancing Your Communication, Coordination and Leadership Skills


This life transforming, and unique career building course, cuts right through out-of-date ideas on leadership, and introduces the latest research on dynamic, results orientated leadership.  From theory, to relevant reality!  From mere information, to powerful transformation!  This course allows each participant, to be creative, and find what is relevant and best, for his own work situation and position.  This unique Effective Self Management, double module, has been especially designed, to bring you the required and requested results, on enhancing your dynamic leadership and empowering communication skills.  If you want to achieve your top quality, professional leadership excellence, then this superbly designed course, is for you.

Effective self-management will enable individuals to develop the needed disciplines that help bridge the gaps between goals and accomplishment. High achievers are people who have learned to effectively manage themselves, tapping on all resources available to motivate themselves toward the fulfilment of their fullest potentials

This training will include:

  • Identifying what effective personal leadership development requires
  • Understanding the powerful dynamics of interpersonal relationship skills
  • Identification of your emotional blind spot to reduce conflict and stress
  • How to optimise your health and energy to fulfill your goals
  • Achieving a balance between work, family and rest
  • Managing emotions, and develop empathic attunement to build strong relationships
  • How to consolidate values, strengthen principles, and prioritise your goals
  • Analysing powerful communication skills
  • Knowing how to be emotionally intelligent, and build strong relationships
  • How to motivate, build and inspire your Staff

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Develop a greater sense of personal development and achievement
  • Know how to use powerful emotionally intelligent, interpersonal relationship skills
  • Motivate, empower and build a dynamic team
  • Manage stress more effectively and efficiently
  • Develop strategy towards a greater time-task productivity
  • Be skilled in effective communication dynamic
  • ​Cultivate greater flexibility contributing toward an effective self-managed team
  • ​Build a healthier self-concept to manage issues and events 

Who should Attend
This training Seminar is suitable for a wide range of HR professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Team members
  • Supervisors
  • Management Professionals
  • Delegates of any sector of industry and/or business

Compressed  Key Topics (Please contact us for a full Program Outline)

Module 1: Communication, Coordination & Leadership
Who do you think you are?
Enriching your Communication Skills
The Skills of the Coordinator
The Modern Leader
Communicating, Coordinating and Leading

Module 2: Effective Self Management
The Essentials of Self-Integrity
Towards a Better Self-Concept
Increasing Your Time-Task Productivity 
Leading with Ease and Competency
Achieving Cohesiveness in Self-Management

Also available for 2 to 3 day durations as well as 10 to 30-day training durations In-House and Live online

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