About this Training
Since there is a positive correlation between the performance of individual employees and the overall performance of the organization, it is an organizational imperative for supervisors and managers to improve employee performance. 

This highly beneficial Human Resource training course provides an effective way of understanding some of the most important pillars of Human Resources Management. It is an opportunity for all Human Resources Professionals and Leaders to learn how to implement effective Performance Management Systems in their organizations and its impact on employees in terms of the development of its Human Capital, which is the foundation for success and good performance. This requires an understanding of the human behavior of the employees in the organization by tackling the Emotional Intelligence concept. The Human Capital is the Intangible Asset of any organization and it is absolutely vital to be effectively managed. Organizational investment in people requires a focus on Developing, Retaining, Motivating and Implementing a Career Path System through Succession Planning.

This highly interactive and intensive training course will introduce delegates to very powerful Modules and Tools that focus on those four important pillars of Human Resources Management.

This training will include:

  • Understanding Performance Management
  • Impact of Change Management and Emotional Intelligence on Performance Management
  • How does Change Management impact the Human Capital of the organization
  • Why Leadership and Culture of the organization is the important factor in driving change
  • Why investment in the Development of the Human Capital of the organization is vital for success
  • How Change Management encourages the organization to implement other motivational systems within the organization namely Career Development, Career Ladder and Succession Planning
  • How all the above four pillars impact the Strategic Performance of the organization using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Tool in measuring Performance

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Define performance management, its objectives and various responsibilities
  • List the main phases in a performance management cycle and how to manage each for optimum results
  • Develop tangible and intangible measures of performance
  • Create business based objectives, including SMART targets, measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Define coaching and list the 5 steps for conducting optimal coaching sessions
  • Conduct effective performance appraisal meetings
  • Identify ways of rewarding and recognizing employee
  • Understand the meaning of Performance Management
  • Understand the impact of Change Management and Emotional Intelligence on Performance Management
  • Understand the methodology in Implementing Change Management
  • Realize the benefits of implementing Change Management in your organization
  • Realize the benefits of Implementing Career Development, Career Ladder and Succession Planning within your organization
  • Emphasis on the Human Capital Development as being one of vital element impacting the Balanced Scorecard of the Organization

Who should Attend
From UN Agencies, Governments, Foreign Ministries, Foreign Missions, International Organizations, Major Corporations, Trade Unions, Political Parties and NGOs

This training Seminar is suitable for a wide range of HR professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • All planning personnel involved in Human Resources Management
  • All managers and leaders involved in Human Resources Management
  • Process and Quality Improvement personnel
  • Personnel with real leadership potential
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Managers
  • All HR Personnel with interest in Employees Performance and Appraisals

Compressed Program Outline

Understanding the meaning of Emotional Intelligence and Change Management
Implementing Change Management – Part 1
Implementing Change Management – Part 2 

Talent Management
Implementing Career Development, Career Ladder and Succession Planning – Part 1
Implementing Career Development, Career Ladder and Succession Planning – Part 2

Balanced Scorecard

Performance management – introduction and definitions

Establishing effective objectives

The importance of coaching

Conducting effective performance appraisals

Following up after the performance appraisal meeting

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Effective Performance Management Systems

Impact of Emotional Intelligence, Change and Talent Management
and Succession Planning

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