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Business Etiquette and International Protocol Training

Dinning, Social Manners and Etiquette for VIP Banquets and State Events


About this Training
The African Center for Management and Administrative Excellence (ACAE-Global) presents this must attend seminar for any business aiming to include events as part of their Public Relations and Marketing activities. The face to face communication opportunities created by events provide business people with the most powerful of opportunities to influence their colleagues, clients and investors. Smooth well run events reflect well on any business building its reputation and standing. This seminar provides a comprehensive grounding in all the basics of event management allowing attendees to effectively organize their own events or more closely manage contractors organizing events for them

Seminar Objectives

  • At the end of the seminar delegates will have an understanding of the theoretical basis for the application of events as part of their PR or Marketing strategy,  
  • Schedule and plan VIP and State Events and Functions
  • be familiar with a range of events they are likely to engage in and the requirements for their successful delivery
  • Identify the most appropriate venues and activities for their events
  • Manage the media at their events with confidence
  • troubleshoot event plans to identify potential problem areas before they emerge

Professional Impact

  • Increased confidence to tackle event management or oversight of event management suppliers
  • A strong theoretical basis upon which to make decisions about the best type and format of event to employ
  • An understanding of the main elements in event organization
  • More focused activity aided by simple checklists and manuals
  • Better time management facilitating the opportunity for greater creativity

Organizational Impact

  • Greater value for money from events
  • More focused events as part of their PR or Marketing strategy which will build and maintain their reputation
  • More memorable events aimed at the right people
  • An in-house resource capable of either organizing events directly
  • Staff better informed to provide project oversight of event management suppliers
  • Staff capable of ensuring tight budgetary and scheduling control over events

Who should Attend

  • Middle and senior managers tasked with the direct delivery of events or oversight of Specialist subcontractors
  • Senior operational managers with responsibility for managing teams whose role includes event management
  • Senior managers up to Board level with responsibility for the strategic use of events as part of the organization’s PR & marketing strategy and their effective deployment
  •  Event Managers and Event Coordinators
  • Travel Officers, Admin Officers and Secretaries
  • Protocol Officers
  • Those who wish to improve their understanding of international protocol and those whose profession requires communicating and socializing in the global marketplace.

Compressed Key Topics ( Please Contact us for a comprehensive Outline)

The Power Of  Professional Advantage
Modern Business Etiquette
The Role Of Events In A Public Relations Or Marketing Strategy  
Professional Networking
The Complete VIP Events Management including Guest Entertaining
Controlling Guest Lists And Numbers
Invitation Etiquette
Invitations And Replies
Proper Introductions And Their Responses
Calling And Calling Cards
Room Layouts And Set Up Guidelines
Security Issues
Complete Travel Management
Diplomatic VS Business Protocol
Order Of Precedence
Titles And Forms Of Address
Social Etiquette
Airport Receptions
Dining, Social Etiquette And Manners In Vip Banquet And State Events

Also available for 2 to 3 day durations as well as 10 to 30-day training durations In-House and Live online

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