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Financial Management for Non-Financial Public Sector Managers

Essential Financial Management Skills for Public Sector Managers

It is increasingly important for public sector managers to understand finance to perform their jobs and deliver value for money services. This training explains the principles of finance as well as financial information such as income and expenditure accounts, balance sheets, cashflows and financial performance indicators to help Public Sector executives with Financial understanding that will enable them to understand, analyse, interpret Financial reports from their Finance department. There are worked examples and practical exercises which allow the theory to be put into practice, encouraging self-development and continuous improvement after the training. This is an essential addition to a manager’s toolkit of skills and knowledge.

Key Highlights

  • To ensure that Participants understand the importance of keeping financial records and the importance of accuracy and completeness in financial transactions
  • To explain the elements of the income and expenditure account, and the definition of a trading account
  • To explain the elements of the balance sheet including assets, liabilities, reserves and net worth
  • To provide Participants with an understanding of the importance of cash flow to an organisation and the key factors that impact on cash flow
  • To demonstrate how to develop forecasts for both income and expenditure and cash flows, which support financial planning to achieve future objectives
  • To give definitions of widely used financial terminology which will assist Participants to understand the language used around finance, and enhance their ability to communicate with finance officers and accountants.

Training Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • improve the financial competence of Participants in the area of financial accounting.
  • enhance both the underpinning knowledge of the subject and the ability to use financial information in the workplace.
  • advance the participants skills and abilities, and increase their effectiveness in their current or future job roles.
  • support the continuing development of management skills within the public and non-profit sectors with a view to maximising value for money from limited resources

Who Should Attend

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit

  • The Training is aimed at executives in the national or regional government or international regional organizations. The typical target  audience is Non-financial managers at all levels, including Executive Leadership, Human Resources, Operations, Procurement, Project Management, IT, Strategic Planning and Budgeting , Legal Services, Risk Management, etc.

  • This training is specifically designed from a public sector perspective and suited for all non-financial staff in public sector departments, trading entities and Constitutional Institutions.

Key topics Include ( Please Contact us for a Detailed Program Outline)

Introduction, Keeping the Accounts
Public accountability and control
The Income and Expenditure Accounts
The Balance Sheet
Key Financial Performance Indicators  
The Importance of Cash Flow
Financial Planning and Control
Financial Analysis of Public Sector Accounts