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Nothing is more critical in today’s competitive Business Environment than Customer Relationship Management– the process of tracking inquiries and leads, converting them into reservations and rentals, and maximizing the value of every customer. This Workshop is designed specifically for the Customer Service industry and Departments in UN, Major Corporations, Governments and International Organizations, with multi-facility operators in mind.

With input from industry-leading Practitioners, we have created this advanced Customer Relations Management Training to provide the skills that will help Participants to manage their customer interactions – from inquiry through move-out, as an all-in-one solution that gives your business advanced call centre functionality, allowing managers to do what they do best – (to focus on customers). 

This training will include:

  • Effective communication skills,
  • how to manage conflict and handle customer complaints,
  • how to work in a team, and how to build product and service knowledge in order to provide relevant information to customers.
  • Customer retention
  • Customer centricity
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer value management

On completion of this workshop, the participant should be able to effectively establish and manage Customer Relationships with a wide range of customers

With this verifiable Customer Service Excellence focused Workshop you can seriously enhance your career prospects.

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Understand and Define the Concept of Customer Relations Management
  • Increase the Corporate and Liaison networking skills of every participant
  • Establish superior interpersonal relationships with Customers
  • Create superior customer satisfaction and Value for the customer
  • Contribute meaningfully towards strategic Customer Relations Management
  • Adopt a consistent, professional style when speaking with customers
  • Develop skills in engaging with customers and handling their enquiries effectively
  • Listen effectively, ask questions and summarize to respond fully to a customer request
  • Identify ways you can add value to customer relationships and exceed expectations
  • Practice how to turn customer service disappointment into a positive experience

Who should Attend

This Workshop targets the following persons:

  • Customer services representatives from international organizations such as UN, Governments, Banking and the private sector, including
  • Customer relationship managers,
  • customer relationship practitioners,
  • customer service managers and customer service practitioners,
  • supervisors,
  • marketing and sales representatives,
  • employees in the hospitality industry,
  • persons aspiring to work in the customer service industry, and all employees employed in the roles that require direct customer interaction.

Compressed Program Outline

Understanding Customer Service and Customer Management Process
Defining and segmenting your Customer and understanding customer service,
Understanding the rules that impact on improvements in customer service
Assessing Customer Loyalty and Expanding on What Customer Service Mean To You
Customer Analysis and The Customer Value Proposition
Customer Service: Communication Skills (Corporate Liaison and Networking Skills)
Effective Negotiation Skills in Customer Management
Presenting Excellent Verbal Communication Skills  (Assessing and responding to Customers needs)
The Art of Handling Difficult and unhappy Clients
Calming Upset Customers
5 Key Steps to Calming Upset customers
Time Management Strategies
Telephone Customer Service
Internet and Social Media Customer Skills
Interpersonal Communication with Customers
Self-assessment of customer service (RECAP)

Advanced Customer Relations Management

Hands on Effective Customer Handling and Great Customer Service


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