Corporate Cashflow Analysis

Essentials of credit analysis: analysing corporate risk, cash flow and projections

This course focuses on the importance of cash flow analysis in the credit assessment process. The course also deals with the credit risks of companies with international activities, and the difficulties involved when dealing with off-balance sheet and contingent liabilities. Take your knowledge to the next stage and develop your analytics skills. This intermediate level five-day course develops a more detailed understanding of the components of the financial statements and the operating dynamics of companies.

Key Learning Competencies

  • framework for credit analysis
  • components of credit analysis
  • risks to the business
  • tools for evaluating corporate strategy
  • analysis of the financial statements
  • understanding the business
  • the dynamics of cash flow
  • forecasting
  • corporate failure
  • the collateral supporting the debt
  • covenants to protect the lender
  • structural subordination.

Training Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand cash flow and its role in the credit risk assessment process
  • Interpret the impact of primary cash drivers
  • Prepare projections to assess future cash flow quality
  • Project future cash flow, debt service cover, and credit needs from non-financial information
  • Identify potential liquidity problems before they become a threat to a client's business
  • Assess cash flow issues specific to international companies

Who Should Attend

  • Commercial credit analysts
  • Commercial lenders, loan officers
  • Relationship managers
  • Fixed-income professionals
  • Investors
  • Other financial professionals

in addition, this course will be of benefit to those with 1-2 years' experience of credit analysis. Familiarity with financial statements is assumed. It is also suitable for investment analysts who wish to understand a company's financial standing from a credit perspective. Those who have attended Foundations for credit analysis: understanding and analyzing financial statements will be well prepared for this course.

Compressed Program Outline ( Please Contact us for a Detailed Program Outline

Framework for credit analysis:
Risks to the business:
Tools for evaluating corporate strategy:
Analysis of the financial statements:
Understanding the business:
The dynamics of cash flow:
Corporate failure
Collateral supporting the debt
Covenants to protect the lender
What Analysis Tools Decision- Makers Need to interpret

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