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Implementing and Managing Customer Service Improvement Tools​​​​

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This specialized course tackles the issue of customer complaints by focusing on its two components: the behavioural aspect related to the individual employee who deals face to face with the complainant, and the system's or procedural aspect related to how the organization should process a complaint, every step of the way, from the moment it is raised to its conclusion. Relying on ISO 10002 guidelines and other international best practices, the course also covers the necessary preparations an organization must go through in terms of culture development and openness before it can hope to benefit from complaints, recover complaining customers, improve internal processes and achieve new heights in customer satisfaction

This training will include:

  • Customer orientation, Empathic outlook,
  • Emotional control, Meeting standards,
  • Systems judgement,
  • Organized workplace, and Quality orientation
  • Key loyalty measurements
  • Customer loyalty and loyalty schemes

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Defend the vital role of a customer complaints management system in enhancing organizational performance
  • Demonstrate how a properly trained employee handles, step-by-step, complaining customers, gains their confidence and gratitude and secures their satisfaction 
  • Implement a customer feedback system that will maximize customer satisfaction and retention
  • Manage every phase of the complaint handling process from preparation to closing including receipt, analysis, escalation, tracking, and all internal and external communication
  • Formulate relevant key performance indicators to assess and audit complaint systems.

Who should Attend
This training targets the following persons:

  • Customer complaint system managers and staff,
  • customer service managers and staff,
  • as well as managers and staff of support departments such as HR and IT, that provide services to other departments (internal customers) in the organization..

Main Training Contents

Introduction to complaints management
Introduction to understanding your customers
Complaints management standards and Complaints Handling Process (CHP)
Assessing & monitoring a complaints management system
Measuring and Monitoring Customer Satisfaction
Key loyalty measurements


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