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Administrative professionals are highly valued for their ability to wear many hats, cope with high-level responsibilities, and work with both speed and accuracy.  Organising all the pieces and parts of your professional life – from work spaces to meetings to travel plans, as well as keeping executives organized, takes a huge range of skills and attributes. 

this makes the administrative support position to be the nerve centre of business, industry and government at all levels. Called upon to increase the effectiveness of the office environment, the administrative assistant needs to manage strategies, public relations, resources, time, stress, difficult people conflict and crisis situations calmly, effectively and professionally. This workshop provides management skills vital to today’s support position.

This energetic, fun and fast-paced course will show you how to achieve respect as an indispensable member of your office team. it tackles both the practical know-how you need to give you an edge in a busy multi-faceted role, as well as the mind-set, confidence and calmness to manage yourself, your work and your working relationships

Delivered in a comfortable and controlled learning environment, you will explore and expand upon techniques and methods, and learn the critical skills required to get the work done on time, keep the office running at peak efficiency, and balance work and personal life.

This training will include:

  • Managing your time more effectively for increased productivity
  • Understanding the secrets and pitfalls of effective communication
  • Building an effective working partnership with your boss
  • Managing your emotions, stress and motivation levels
  • Essential skills for organizing any project, meeting or event
  • Practical psychological knowledge to improve your workplace interactions
  • Practical administration action tools
  • Manage changing roles and responsibilities whether working with bosses, peers, team members or customers
  • Meet dynamic work expectations by expanding your proactive capabilities 
  • Clearly and confidently communicate and negotiate to manage conflicts and achieve results 
  • Apply emotional intelligence and effective listening practices to your job 
  • Use strategic diplomacy to handle office politics, difficult people and demanding situations
  • What events can do for your PR and marketing strategy?
  • Scheduling techniques to plan and deliver an event
  • Practical hints and tips on venue choice, stage management and different types of dining
  • Managing the media at your events to multiply outcomes
  • Advice on looking after guests and protocol for VIP’s

Impact to you and your Organization:

  • Work smarter and leverage your time to get things done quicker
  • Set and achieve short and long term goals
  • Communicate confidently and clearly at all levels and have the intended impact
  • Present yourself professionally in meetings and presentations
  • Overcome work demands
  • Understand administrative problem solving
  • Manage office politics
  • Action tools for office management
  • Discover your personality type for better human relations
  • Improve your memory techniques
  • Master human relations
  • Project professional credibility, authority and presence
  • Plan, organize and control your workload and priorities
  • Maintain key relationships to access information and support
  • Analyze situations, make decisions and solve problems calmly
  • Improve the working life of your team
  • Raise your performance from activity level to leadership
  • Organize yourself, your office, and your executives more effectively

Who should Attend
From UN Agencies, Governments, Foreign Ministries, Foreign Missions, International Organizations, Major Corporations, Trade Unions, Political Parties and NGOs

This training Seminar is suitable for a wide range of Admin professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Institutional Managers or Coordinators
  • Administrative and Executive Secretaries
  • Administrators
  • Administrative Managers
  • Executive Assistants
  • Public Relations Officers
  • Labour and Industrial Relations Officers
  • HR Practitioners
  • Team Leader


Managing the Office of the future, Enhancing Your Communication, Events Coordination and Travel Management Skills



Also available for 2 to 3 day durations as well as 10 to 30-day training durations In-House and Live online

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