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Managing Risk and Safety in Sports, interscholastic Athletics and Social Events

An Interagency Approach to Creating Safe Facilities

This Security Management for Sports and Special Events Training offers best practices in key tasks that sports managers need, to successfully plan, communicate and operate when organising sport events, providing a 360° view and behind the scenes look at the mechanics of sport events.

This course is both pertinent and practical, and recognises the increased expectations of spectators, media and sponsors at major events.

Although spectator and player security has always been a priority for sport and facility managers at all levels, large-scale threats such as terrorism or natural disasters have become even more critical management concerns. Proactive sport and facility managers understand the role they must take in working with local law enforcement, contracted security personnel, and their own employees to adequately plan for and respond to threats—both manmade and natural.

This Security Management for Sports and Special Events Seminar presents a systematic approach to stadium and venue security. Unlike traditional risk management seatings that present guidelines to promote safety and discourage litigation in sport and recreation settings, This Security Management for Sports and Special Events deals specifically with natural disasters, terrorism, crowd control problems, and other large-scale threats. As sport and facility managers seek to broaden their building management capabilities, this seminar offers detailed guidance in improving the quality, coordination, and responsiveness of security protocols within their facilities.

​Training Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply strategic thinking to successful Scholastical Athletics initiatives.
  • Develop and execute, successful safety and security Action plans and drills.
  • Effectively manage the media and handle difficult media inquiries in regards to safety and security preparedness.
  • Re-coup from bad public relations and image crises that have occurred in the past.
  • Successfully incorporate social media campaigns with current branding and communication strategy
  • recognize the importance of safety and security action plans, drills and teams in your organization of events
  • review your current Safety and Security performance, and audit your Action plans for performance improvements
  • Develop a Safety and Security Strategy for successful Sports event management in accordance with international standards National acts and policies.
  • How to use your current safety and security strategy more effectively, and identify new opportunities

 Who Should Attend
This special training has been designed as a reference for sport administrators, facility and event managers, league and organization officials, and security-related contract or volunteer personnel.

It is also a practical best practice course for anyone responsible in sport event and sport facility management, risk management, or sport law.

Key Course Content (please cntact us for a detailed program information flyer)

Safety and Security Environment for Sports and Special Events

Leadership and Multiagency Collaboration
Incident Management Systems

Risk Assessment for Sport and Event Venues
Security Planning, Policies, and Protective Measures

Emergency Response and Recovery
Training and Policy Implementation

Exercises: Developing and Testing Your Plans
The Future of Safety and Security Management for Sports and Special Events

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