Pioneers in Global Leadership and Quality Training and KM Consultancy

Out of Safety for all our Clients, All our Courses are available for Live Online Training 


Through our dedicated partnerships and affiliations with leading Business Support Communities, Government Departments, and through supported statutory accreditation,  compliance with Labour and skills assurance bodies, we deliver excellence to both Public and private Sector as well as Global Governance Institutions Such as the UN and its Subsidiaries through well  researched and organized Services as bellow.

  • Cutting Edge Executive training and Development,
  • Product Marketing and Conference hosting 
  • In-house Bespoke Training, (including public workshops, seminars/ conferences),
  • Focused “In-house”  Team Building Solutions.
  • ​Knowledge Management Specialised Consulting
  • Adaptive KM and Project Systems Hosting Services

By using critical market research methods in the designing and production of our events, we are able to identify the unique challenges facing African and Global businesses today.Our commitment to service excellence means that we deliver genuine business solutions at competitive rates. We draw on a diverse pool of industry professionals in the production and staging of our events, in order to provide delegates with the ultimate learning experience.



Exceptional service delivery and Simplicity is our art.

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Intensive group instruction, One-on-one instruction attention, Hands-on labs, Lab partner and group exercises,Question and answer drills, and constant post certification support.


Your peace of mind is our motivation, we provide our own airport transfer services from any airport or port of arrival for all our delegates, we understand the required protocol when handling all our delegates as such our shuttle services are designed for both executives and organizational teams. all our delegates further benefit from our convenient services as the shuttles are dedicated to your stay in the country to take you anywhere you wish to visit either as a networking tour or shopping for your basic needs

you are guaranteed a VIP reception from the time you arrive up to the time you catch your flight back.

ACAE Global is a Cutting-edge executive Training Consortium headquartered in Rivonia South Africa with operational offices in Nigeria, Uganda, The UAE and London. we provide a multi discipline approach to professional training with up-to-date and workplace relevant and on-demand Courses. We develop, market and manage Advanced training programs to both the private and public sector throughout Africa, Asia and The EU .

Established in 2010, Our Mandate is to giving World Class Executive Development and Training Services with Simplicity and Effectiveness, focusing on the cores of Organizational Success and growth, we are also Experts in Organizational Change Strategies, Performance Management Systems, ISO Solutions, and Organizational Knowledge Management Development in both the Public and Private Sector.


Maned by a Multinational team of experienced and professional Customer Service Professionals covering the three Major International Languages of English, French and Portuguese and a team of Highly experienced Facilitators, Trainers and accredited Translators, and State of the Art Training Auditoria, Boardrooms and Practical IT Labs, we strive to deliver Excellence to all our clients in many African, Asian and EU countries. 

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