This Strategic Thinking & Business Planning training course gives you a robust practical framework to formulate, develop, and implement plans to achieve strategic goals and realize your vision. It shows you how to break out of reacting to day-to-day problems, so you can build a team or organization that is more proactive and resilient to change.

A key feature of this Management & Leadership training course is a comprehensive strategic management system that guides you through the steps needed to develop the right strategy then translate it into a business plan that provides the foundation for achieving strategic alignment of operational plans and individual objectives with your business model.

By the end of this training seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to develop a plan to achieve the goals you want for you and your organization (company / division / business unit / team)
  • Develop strategic thinking in your organization
  • Develop a strategic plan for your organization
  • Identify the principles and mechanisms that drive successful implementation
  • Develop measurable action plans that result in success
  • Understand your underlying business model and how it relates to your strategy


  • Integrating performance measures in strategic and operational management systems
  • How to link Strategy to Operational Activities
  • How to develop and use performance and result indicators
  • Understanding success factors
  • Methods for developing and implementing a Performance Measurement System
  • Provision of a practical resource kit for implementing performance measurements


  • This course is suitable to a wide range of Professionals but will greatly benefit:
  •  Business Managers
  • Team Leaders
  •  Process Leaders
  • Functional Managers
  •  Project Managers
  •  Newly-appointed
  • Senior Managers

available in 5 Days or 10 Days Training Sessions

Strategic Thinking, Analysis &
Business Planning

Turning Strategy into Action and Results

Pioneers in Global Leadership and Quality Management 

What's Covered in the Training Outline
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  • Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • Developing Strategy – The Power of Business Analysis
  • Strategy Development, Choice and Translation
  • Embedding Strategy in the Organisation
  • Bringing It All Together