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27 – 31 January 2020
The Premier Cape Manor Hotel,
Water front, Cape Town,
South Africa

09 – 13 March 2020

The Capital Hotel, Sandton City,

South Africa

18 – 22 May 2020

​​Golden Tulip Hotel, Al Bashar , Dubai,
United Arab Emirates

13 – 17 July 2020

The Capital Hotel, Sandton City,
South Africa

14 – 18 September 2020

​​Laico Regency Hotel
Uhuru Hwy, Nairobi, Kenya

14 – 18 December 2020

​The Capital Hotel, Sandton City,
South Africa

Strategic Organisational Development
Aligning Learning with Business Strategy

An organization is only as good as its people, and the people are only as good as the training and development they receive.  A primary focus of OD, HR and L&D Professionals is to ensure that development fits in with the organization requirements to ensure effective competitive advantage.  This training course will greatly improve your knowledge and skills in aligning learning and development with business strategy to ensure competitive sustainable growth.

On this highly interactive and engaging training course you will master techniques to understand the strategic importance of organisational development, focus development options to add value as well as demonstrate return on investment (ROI), identify and develop your key personnel, as well as increase overall performance in your organization, and apply active succession planning.  Having highly developed people in line with a clear business strategy becomes a unique differentiator in the ever competitive and demanding market.

By the end of this training seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the strategic role of development in an organisation
  • Define and develop key personnel in the organisation
  • Apply techniques and workable solutions to ensure ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Demonstrate and apply techniques to develop people for increased performance
  • Develop strategic succession plans


  • The strategic role of training and development to ensure competitiveness, business alignment and strategic advantage
  • How to develop your personnel, in particular your high performers and talent
  • The methods employed to ensure sustainable development whilst ensuring value for money and ROI
  • Development options and methodologies that can be employed and demonstrated to add competitive value
  • The key areas to communicate to ensure business alignment and buy-in is achieved

This course is suitable to a wide range of Professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Business Managers
  • HR / OD Professionals
  • L&D / Training Professionals
  • Talent Management and People Development Professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Process Leaders
  • Functional Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Newly-appointed Senior Managers


The Strategic Role of Organisational Development
Developing Key Personnel
Managing Organisational and Individual Performance
Sustainable Development – Cost vs Benefit
Sustainable Development – Cost vs Benefit