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Social Media Marketing Training

Including Leadership and Strategy in Social Media Marketing

Perfect for when you don't just want to play the digital marketing game, you want to drive it. To change it, stay in the digital game with constant connections to your audience and maintain Brand power and influence. Join this live online course and attain a practical understanding of the latest in social media platforms, advertising, best practices, tactics and strategies that you can immediately implement from beginner to advanced level. The course is segmented and priced per participation to give Participants a choice to enter the lesson at their preferred level based on their proficiency or understanding.

Key Compentencies

  • On-line marketing, Leadership and Strategy 
  • Digital marketing planning  
  • Social media scheduling 
  • Generating sales leads 
  • Social media campaigns
  • High impact websites
  • Using Google Analytics

Training Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand everything about Social Media Marketing!
  • Create highly optimized and high quality paid ads on all Social Media platforms.
  • Learn Instagram Marketing A-Z and how to monetize the social platform.
  • Learn Twitter Marketing strategies for LASER focused ads.
  • MASTER YouTube marketing, including: layout, content creation, and video ads!
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile and use LinkedIn ads to grow your business.
  • Use Web 2.0 blogs to further expand your reach with SEO and content marketing.
  • Learn social media marketing posting automation via IFTTT.
  • Learn the power of Pinterest promoted pins and ALL the Pinterest Marketing strategies we implement for our clients!
  • Use Google Business to benefit your local business and help your Search Engine Optimization.
  • Become a Youtube and Facebook Ads Expert!

Benefits to the Organization

Social media has become an integral part of every organization both in the Private and Public Sectors, just as it is an essential part of every individual connective life. while there are many organizations charging hefty monthly fees to help your organization with its social media strategy, this course is designed to offer your organization a guaranteed approach to social media strategy. your organization will benefit in all aspects of your social media strategy while cutting costs and maximizing on returns. 

Our tried and true Methodology guarantees high return on investment and is developed through years of cumulative experience shared between Businesses and our Organization through our Experienced trainers and our R&D. 

You are guaranteed to leave our training sessions more prepared than you have ever been in your Customer Reach initiatives with a good Social media Strategy.

Who Should Attend

  • The course is designed for marketing and communications professionals who wish to gain a greater understanding of digital marketing, social media, and the latest trends in Social media Marketing and Management.
  • Managers responsible for Leading and strategizing Marketing Initiatives, developing and implementing marketing and branding for their organizations.
  • Individuals who aspire to Digital Marketing and Communications roles or who are looking to expand their knowledge of best practices in these areas are also encouraged to attend.

Compressed Program Outline ( Please Contact us for a Detailed Program Outline)

Introduction to Digital Marketing
Leadership and Management
Strategy and Planning
Digital Marketing Strategy
Website Optimization
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search and Digital Channels
Digital Selling
Display and Video Advertising
Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads
Email Marketing
Analytics with Google Analytics
Essential Skills