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Oil & Gas Capacity Development

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In this category we provide specialized trainings that are designed to allow participants to acquire a high proficiency in the technical and non-technical work areas in the Oil and Gas Industry

Under the current economic climate, oil & gas companies are looking to invest in a number of key areas in order to boost growth over the next three to five years. Improved efficiencies ranked highest, followed by local content and skills development, and infrastructure improvements. “The oil and gas industry is faced with a higher entry barrier because technology and jobs tend to be more complex, as well as highly specialised and costly. 

Our specialised training courses in Oil and Gas are designed to address skills and competencies needed to empower participants to develop required capacity and improve the current state of the industry and provide an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Given the state of the industry, there is a greater need for changes to their business models to improve Africa's competitiveness in the industry. Change is the way to survive in the ‘new energy future’. We need to see new business models, new products, new energy sources and new strategies to meet the new reality, one way this will be achieved is through skills development within project management, Environment and infrastructure, Finance, Risk and accountability and IT and Data Management.

Our highly interactive training courses with varying durations are led by industry experts to provide the best mix of experience, theory and practice in a professional learning environment, using real case studies, practical applications, and applicable tools.

Workshop Catalogue

Leadership & Management

Business and Project Management Courses

Oil Field Development Training Series(Coming Soon)

  • FDP Comprehensive Program
  • FDP Accelerated Program
  • FDP Rapid Program

Health, Safety and Environment Training Series (R&D Busy with Development)

Technical Training (Coming Soon)

  • Decision Analysis for Operation & Maintenance Professionals
  • Maintenance Management Best Practices
  • Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management Technology Best Practices
  • Airport Performance Evaluation using DEA Approach
  • Pipeline Operations and Maintenance
  • Flow Assurance Training Program
  • Process Plant Optimisation & Energy Conservation