ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System

Managing your energy consumption strategies does not only guarantee lower operational expenses and a greener environment, but it is a competitive edge which allows an organization to competitively price its products and/or services.

 We assist our clients understand their energy consumption patterns, leaks within their energy consumption reticulation and assets as well as greener and cheaper to operate energy assets alternatives.

In today’s world you can only compete if you have great flexibility within your selling price which means that your input costs need to be as low as possible. We can assist you achieve this competitive edge through thorough analysis of your energy management system and implementation of strategies, polices, procedures and practices as well as training of your end users, process owners and lead auditors in achieving a tariff effective  energy management strategies

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

 Formerly referred to as OSHA 18001, the new ISO 45001 is the latest ISO standard which focuses on creating a healthier and safer environment for the organization’s employees, supplier, customers and the community it operates in.

Organizations who value their stakeholders, do not only see occupational health and safety as a legislative requirement but view it as an organization foundation which needs to be continuously strengthened and improved upon in order to meet its operational strategy.

We assist our clients in seeing the implementation of ISO 45001 as a profit and productivity enabler as opposed to a standalone statutory compliance tool. We assist them in identifying areas within their occupational health and safety processes, procedures, policies and practices which can be used to as drivers to improve profitability, productivity and ensure a better operational environment.

This is done through training and implementation of ISO policies, processes and procedures in line with legislative requirements.

Our entire ISO solution suite can be offered as standalone management systems or as an integrated management system depending on our customer needs. We offer a range of services from training, implementation, internal and external auditing as well as ISO certification.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients continuously reap the operational, profit and productivity benefits post our engagements as we focus on building internal capability for self-management and improvement  of all standards which we implement, train and certify.

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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Every organization, regardless of size and sector, will only continue to survive if it understands its customer needs and knows how to maximize its customer experience with its products and service. The only way to achieve this in a cut throat world each organization requires to have a set of business processes, polices and procedures which are focused on customer needs’ satisfaction, value add maximization and creation of a unique customer journey experience.
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System assists every organization to understand its position in the sector it operates in whilst ensuring it have a structured cost-effective way of operating and delivering value to its internal and external customers. Quality management is not a production or manufacturing philosophy, but it is for means of ensuring that value is delivered to internal and external customers with the least amount of errors/defects consistently for organizations across all sectors. Hence, the understanding of which processes deliver value to your customers, increase profitability, improves material and information flow and ensures customer retention/satisfaction are critical to the survival of each business.

We specialize in assisting your organization to identifying process steps, procedures and policies which are value adding to your organization and its customers as well as assist in eliminating process and system waste across the organization value chain. We achieve this by building internal capability within your organization by building an organization specific strategy tactical deployment suite which includes:

  • Documentation of your value stream map (quote to cash cycle) optimization
  • Process, Procedure and Policy documentation and value add maximization
  • Building internal capability through process user training, internal auditor and implementer training and certification

ISO STAndards

ISO 55001:2015 Physical Asset Management System

Procuring high tech equipment does not guarantee any business high asset availability unless the correct operational (asset use) and maintenance (asset care) procedures, policies, processes and practices form a singular ecosystem. This ecosystem is not as physical asset management, which focuses on the understanding of the type of assets your organization requires, operator skills for both operating and maintenance as well as the technical practices and capabilities for maintenance and care of the asset.

We assist our clients in identify and implement operator and technician maintenance tasks, schedules and tools which will prolong their asset base lifecycle as well as guarantee high asset availability. This is down with the view of minimizing break downs, reducing spares handling costs and ensuring that the right procedures and tools are used during planned and unplanned maintenance. 

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ISO 22301: 2012 Business Continuity Management System

Every organization must have a fail proof method of recovering from any form of downtime. We focus our efforts in assisting our clients with strategies, policies, processes and procedures to recover from a disaster with the aim of ensuring customer value delivery processes are restored with minimal interruptions.

We understand that business continuity does not only rely on expensive software and hardware, but mostly rely on the internal capability to proactively detect a potential business downtime trigger and eliminate it before it turns into a disaster and more importantly recover from disaster swiftly.

We assist our clients in drafting policies, processes and procedures which ensure that their electronic and manual processes are proactive and everyone within the organization knows and understands their role within business continuity and disaster recovery processes.

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ISO 20000:2013 IT Service Management System

Information technology governance ensures that any organization invests both its capital and efforts towards implementation of information and communication systems, polices, processes and procedures which guarantees it a unique competitive edge both internally and externally.

Some of the common information technology service management frameworks known to the public is COBIT and ITIL, but ISO 20000 details a deeper systematic way which captures the essence of all best practice frameworks such as COBIT and ITIL with the aim of ensuring that every employee and contractor understands their role within the information technology business processes in order to ensure that its internal and external customers achieve a high quality service/product on time always without service disruptions.

We assist organization improve their IT processes, policies and procedures and ensure that they are geared towards achieving its strategic objectives. We achieve this through:

  • Implementation of ICT governance policies, procedures and processes
  • Training of process end users, process owners and implementors

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

Every shared value organization does not only focus on the conditions which its employees operate in, but also cares about the environment where its offices are allocated and where its fleet travels. This guarantees that the organizations does not only zero pollution, but also a serves as a contributor towards creating a better and healthier environment in the regions which it operates in.

Implementation of the environmental management system ensures that an organization complies with the domestic and international environmental management laws and adheres to best practices. This can range from waste management, carbon footprint and emissions/pollutions. Smart organizations use the implementation and execution of the as a profit and value add maximization tool throughout its operations from supply chain to administration, IT and facilities and utilities management as the organization understands how each business process will either promote a better environment or harm the environment.

We assist organizations in creating a greener and better environmental management practices which will reduce their carbon footprint and increase awareness around better management of the natural and artificial environment. We create this by:

  • Training our clients to understand the positive and negative practices which may harm their operating environment
  • Drafting of environmental management processes, policies and procedures including best practices
  • Training of your resources throughout the various implementation phases.

ISO 22000:2018/FSSC: Food Safety Management System including HACCP

Any organization which procedures or manufactures any item which food is, food packaging related or may come into contact with food needs to understand how its process may harm its customers or improve their health.

With the rise of epidemic and the rate at which it spreads, it has become more important now than ever to ensure that businesses adhere to food safety best practices which will eliminate contamination of product. We assist organization identify areas within their manufacturing process which may lead to food poisoning and/or contamination. We implement profit improvement projects which are focused on eliminating any source of foreign material introduction into the process. These projects may include machine optimization, material handling reduction and non-value process steps elimination. We also train process users, implementers and lead auditors.

ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System

Data is every organizations valued asset and an organization may only continue to be strive if it knows how to protect its data. All organizations need to understand their information journey as well as the various classifications of that data in order to manage its vendor, customer, operational and employee data streams amongst others.

We assist organizations in implementing information security management system which includes manual and electronic systems in order to protect its information and comply with legislative requirements. Every country is now implementing strict laws to protect information such as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) act. 

We can develop policies, procedures and policies and train your implementation team and end users on how to use the process, policies and procedures in order to ensure that the organization information objectives are met.

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