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Single Registrations

Fee Option 1:

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  • conference documentation and
  • limited refreshments

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US $ 2,500.00 per delegate include

  • 5 day Workshop
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Group Registrations

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  • 6 nights bed & breakfast
  • round trip airport transfer,
  • lunch,
  • conference documentation and
  • limited refreshments

Fee Option 2:
US $ 2,000.00 per delegate include

  • 5 day Workshop
  • round trip airport transfer,
  • lunch,
  • conference documentation and
  • limited refreshments

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About this Seminar
 If you intend to keep up with your competition, demands of your stakeholders and workplace needs, increase Organization wide productivity, and grow your operations, communication strategies are one of the keys you must seriously engage to thrive. Executives and staff face many challenges in effectively communicating within their organizations. Some of these challenges are perennial and date back to the beginning of modern businesses. Others are newer, partly shaped by emerging workplace trends. Some of these old and new challenges include the following:

  • Conveying mission and vision - This is perhaps the quintessential goal of executive communication. Yet too often executives fail to convey mission and value in a manner that translates into effective action throughout the organization.
  • Communicating plans and goals - The 1990s and first decade of the 2000s saw the pace of organizational change accelerate driven by new technologies, innovative business processes, mergers & acquisitions, or outsourcing and offshoring. Rapid change is now the norm. An organization’s ability to clearly communicate plans and goals during periods of change is perhaps more important than during any other time.
  • Understanding and connecting with the diverse staff members - With factors such as international an multigenerational workforces, understanding and connecting with staff members in even small and mediu businesses can be challenging.
  • Engaging employees – If an Organization’s mission and vision, plans and goals, are to be achieved, then it depends upon engaged employees throughout the organization acting mindful of the big picture 

This training will include:

  • Apply Intranet design strategies
  • Integrate your intranet into your corporate communications plan
  • Understand Successful content management for the intranet
  • Help motivate employees to realize the organization’s goals and effect positive behavioural changes through
  • Knowledge Management enabler integration into your intranet
  • Gain the best tools to overcome internal communication challenges
  • Tame an often unwieldy corporate intranet into a coherent and value creating knowledge sharing tool
  • Adapt your intranet to include social networking and other Web 2.0 advancements
  • Understand the role of internal communications in crisis situations
  • Strategies for governing and measuring Intranet Performance
  • A roadmap for Intranet Content Management, adoption and business value

Who should Attend

Intranet Development Team, Directors, Managers and officers of:

  • Internal Communications
  • Internal Marketing
  • Corporate Communications
  • Web Services and Coordination
  • Information Technology
  • External Communication
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Human Resources
  • Investor & Stake Holder Relations
  • Corporate and Brand Identity

Entrepreneurs and those who wish to develop an effective intranet strategy and implementation plan
that is based on a sound understanding of their organization’s communications plan.


Compressed  Key Topics (Please contact us for a full Program Outline)

Professional Development Skills
Intranet Fundamentals
Open Discussion on Intranet Strategies lessons from your Intranets

Intranet Planning
Launching your Intranet
Intranet Engagement & Adoption
Intranet Usage & Effectiveness
Intranet Governance (Contents and Structure)
Intranet Design Strategies Task on Strategy Mapping
Designing Intranet Communications Plan
Intranet Content Management
Conducting Intranet Usability Assessment
Putting Social Media to Work in Your Intranet
Strategy Looking at Available SharePoint Tools
Web 2.0 Technologies for Corporate Intranets

Sampling the Tool

Date                                Venue

​03 - 07 December      Cape Town


21 - 25 Jan                 Johannesburg

11 - 15 Mar                 Cape Town

17 - 21 Jun                 Kampala, Uganda

​12 - 16 Aug                Cape Town​​

21 - 25 Oct                 Johannesburg


Out of an abundance of caution for COVID-19, effective Monday, 16 March till further notice, ACAE Global  would like to encourage all our esteemed clients to move dates for your safety concerns. you are however encouraged to continue registering for your trainings to avoid losing your special packages and your training Budgets; dates for when you are ready to attend  can be communicated to us as you see safe to travel. We appreciate your patience.

Successful Content Management, Adoption, User Awareness Strategies and Implementation Best Practices for Your corporate Communications Plan and Social Digital Workplace