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We are here to make sure that Programme managers do not get lost trying to manage details at the project level. our high impact workshops are designed to help programme managers and project Managers to keep sight of their programme objectives and become focused on the pieces of the larger process.

This goes to skills in the importance skills to develop standard operating and reporting procedures, good visibility of the programme baseline and progress, robust reporting and a clear understanding of programme objectives, Our workshops are also designed to ensure you are able to understand what effect, a slippage or cost overrun on a particular project will have on the programme itself and the impact to the overall organization

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Our Professional Commitment

  • Your Security is our primary concern and we will ensure this by being at your service in transport and all movements you will need to make while in our custody, please for whatever reason you may have always insist on being driven by our professional drivers appointed for your needs.

  • Our forte is research and attention to detail with regards to latest business trends as well as attention to you in delivering Quality service. Our commitment has given us a very strong reputation as a leading business event organization through our world class services that effectively assist our clients towards a more strategic, effective, productive and profitable direction.


  • ​We have the TOOLS, be it Software, Servers, Switches, Routing and Internet Equipment, Programming Languages or simple ICT tools, We have it all with Subject Certified  Technical Facilitators to provide practical components, We are Forum for Information Systems and that is a promise

  • We thrive on adding value to our clients’ business operations by improving productivity and reducing costs even after our first meeting. In an ever changing fast paced world, our aim is to give our clients top class services as success is determined by good choices for lasting effects.

Project and programme management Workshops