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Advanced Negotiation & Structuring Issues in Real Estate Finance Term Sheets:  

​​Master the Bidding Process Relating to Leveraged Deals, Large Loan Portfolio Sales and/or Acquisition of Distressed Assets

This important training covers the various methods of investing in Real Estate Finance including the various structures used and negotiating the real estate finance term sheets including discussions relating the bidding process and issues to consider relating to leveraged deals, large loan portfolio sales and/or acquisition of distressed assets including exit strategies and/or bridge take-outs.

In this training, we’ll cover various methods of investing in real estate finance, the various typical structures including the key features of the Opco/Propco structure, REITs, Investment Finance and Development Finance. We will discuss term sheets in general, the binding and non-binding terms and the points of negotiation from a lender's perspective, a borrower's perspective and some general points to bear in mind when drafting. We cover the key elements of a real estate finance term sheet – LMA version.

 For those of you likely to be involved in submission of bids for purchase of loan portfolios backed by real estate, we will cover aspects of the bidding process in detail including commitment letters/mandate letters or the softer highly interest/confident letters, the heavily negotiated clauses and points, due diligence and the various documents and ancillary documents to be agreed. We map out the timeline and finish off this section by discussing distressed assets sale and acquisition. Additionally, we will cover the various exit strategies used for bridge finance take-out and/or to get further financing including full syndication, securitisation and tap issues to raise more financing.

Key Highlights

  • complex structuring involving real estate finance, leverage finance or acquisition finance, securitisation particularly CMBS, lending/banking documentation teams, structurers,

Training Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

By the end of the course, you will

  • Be introduced to the methods of investing in real estate
  • Understand the different financing structures such as those involved with REITs, Opco/Propco and Islamic Finance
  • Get an overview of the LMA Term Sheet (Real Estate Specific).
  • Have explained to them the property due diligence including issues warranties, indemnities and disclosure.
  • Learn about covenant of title including full title and limited title guarantees.
  • Be appraised of the loan portfolio sale and the bidding process.
  • Be taught about the exit strategies and bridge take-out

Who Should Attend

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit

Real estate businesses, Lawyers, bankers and individuals willing to understand the structuring involved in negotiating real estate finance term sheets,
commercial real estate origination teams including originators, the sales team, commercial real estate investors and borrowers as well as accountants who advise clients on real estate finance transactions or structured transactions with an element of commercial real estate finance.

This training is also relevant to private equity houses, investors, commercial banks, wealth fund managers and hedge funds involved in loan portfolio sales backed by commercial real estate including sale and purchase of distressed assets.

Compressed Program Outline ( Please Contact us for a Detailed Program Outline

Methods of Investing in Real Estate

Term Sheets

Real Estate Finance Term Sheet - LMA

Loan Portfolio Sale

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