We are Africa's premier home of the Top 4 IT Certifications delivered through a rigorous training regime that is practical Intensive in a real workplace environment.

We deliver both Skill and Personality to produce complete and Workplace ready top contender IT professionals.

We provide excellent student accommodation for international students and our distraction free environment located in Sandton makes learning easy and fun promoting easy Accessibility to Office premises, our IT Nerve Center, Server Rooms and training facilities.

We provide Company operated Transport Shuttles free of charge to all Students even on weekends to constantly uphold our excellent customer service.

Our training centre is located close to the city’s best facilities such as the public library, Shopping malls and restaurants. Sandton is home to South Africa’s best social amenities and heritage sites and is evidently recognized as one of the best places to study, work or live. 

Our training and certifications standards delivers satisfactory work targeted alignment for any one trying to get IT Certifications that is globally recognized and Skills that can readily be applied in a workplace.

Our popular student demography increasingly continues to be High School and University graduates who are ambitious and focus oriented.

Our Commitment

To address IT Skills Barriers is Africa and bridge the IT Skills gap in All African Countries by providing

IT Training that is globally competitive, Practically Transferable to the workplace​

  • ​Certification that is not compromised and standardized by IT Industry providers of Certifications
  • ​Professional personality development that is aimed at preparing our trainees for a result oriented life long career. "Just put it, you cant catch fish if you are scared of water"
  • ​Placements in Industrial Attachments to produce job ready professionals who are highly recognised in the IT Sphere.

Our IT graduates have been making their mark on the job market for many years. They’ve been hired by some of the most prestigious companies in both public and private sectors in Africa and abroad. They are managing corporate networks, IT Infrastructure, IT and Information systems Security. They have written computer programs and apps driving business innovations and devices, revolutionized the way business is done, published era-defining books, paved the way for life-saving medical devices and laid the foundations for solving the mysteries of the universe. Our student community is drawn from all over Africa, South America and Asia.  We continue  to lead in innovation, educating the pioneers of tomorrow with the cutting-edge research developments of today delivered in a format that works.

You will work on real problems for real experience!!!


Our Mission

Workplace based training rooms designed for IT Excellence!!!

Free Accomodation!!! in Serviced Rooms in secured environments and free 24/7 High peed WiFi 

Student life at ForumIS

Free Transport on premises available for weekend tours, excursions and to and from training campus

Your Success is our Pride

Pioneers in Global Leadership and Quality Management 

Studying abroad in advanced economies  is an exciting opportunity because it brings a lot of benefits in exposure to competitive environments and rich practical attachments but it also poses a challenge if you have to take care of obvious logistics like accommodation and daily transport. at ICT-Africa we have identified the challenges foreign students face in other institutions which they come to with a hope of achieving global certifications and practical training, only to end up struggling to keep up and getting non globally recognized institution issued credentials. Our Commitment to you focuses on our need to have your required attention to detail of learning while we take care of the obvious stressful requirements like accommodation, safety and transport.

Is your future secured?

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​​We understand the global  technology landscape as a result, we are constantly reviewing the quality of our training facilities and the state of our equipment in relation to workplace technology demands to make sure you are learning on what will be your daily environment. this make our commitment to you VALID, your skills Authentic and Current, and your Professional Development Reliable.  This investment of consistent proficiency in delivering ICT Skills provides you with well-equipped, contemporary environments in which to study, learn, network and relax..